Losing Iraq

PBS produced a documentary on the war in Iraq, chronicling its beginnings up to the present, and what a nightmare!  There have been hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, several thousand American troops have been lost, we’ve spent over two trillion dollars, and everything we fought for is now unraveling as ISIS rolls in and takes over.  It’s been a total waste.  Nothing has changed, the world is angry at us, and we’re buried in debt.  Even worse, this new ISIS group is bad news.  They’re well funded, well armed, and very dangerous.  They’re far scarier than Bin Laden ever was.

It’s even worse knowing it was all doomed from the start.  There really isn’t any need for me to get into it.  Just watch it all for yourself.


Before the war began, all of the generals were telling President Bush, “Why are we doing this?  This war is a bad idea.”  But the president had filled his administration with neoconservatives like Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, and they they had been busy devising plans for the middle-east since the 1960s.  They found themselves a gullible cowboy who’d listen to them, and so off we went, and once we got involved, there was no easy way out.

It was clear that nobody knew what they were doing.  Those appointed to run things had little knowledge of the region, Iraqi culture, or their people.  Those who did weren’t listened to, or even worse, they were kicked out.  There were constant changes in leadership and a severe lack of intelligence.  The Bush administration kept asking, “Why can’t we wrap things up?”, not even realizing what they had started.

As for President Obama, he’s wanted nothing to do with Iraq ever since entering office.  He wanted to pull out immediately but had to honor an agreement set in place by the Bush administration just before Bush’s second term ended.  Obama’s cabinet broke contact with the fledgling Iraqi government and he gutted a lot of the resources dedicated to managing the war.  This left the Iraqi prime minister on his own and he’s frightened.  He’s been consolidating power, eliminating political opposition, and restructuring the government.  This has led to violence, corruption, and a large portion of the population being disenfranchised.  Protests have been breaking out everywhere.  It could be argued that Obama’s inattentiveness to everything going on has led to ISIS and their buildup.  With these new jihadist radicals running around, it looks like we’re being pulled back in.  They’re dangerous but we’re broke.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen.

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