A Robot Hitchhiker

A question has been on all of our minds — well, maybe just few people’s minds — will Hitchbot be able to hitchhike its way across Canada?

Researchers have built a robot with an ambitious plan.  It will attempt to bum rides across Canada, all on its own.  If successful, Hitchbot will travel coast to coast, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, all the way to Victoria, British Columbia.


As it bums electricity from your cigarette lighter, it will read you poetry, discuss the news, and share its vast knowledge with you.  In fact, it’s pre-loaded with all of Wikipedia.

So far, it’s halfway there.   After receiving publicity from local news stations, people have been on the lookout for this robo-hobo.  It needs a lift!


I would totally give it a ride.  You can follow its progress at www.hitchbot.me.

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