Missouri Republicans Remove Science From Classroom

My home state of Missouri just passed a new bill which allows parents to pull their children out of science classrooms if they’re teaching evolution. Most of the time this sort of thing is shot down, but this time it actually passed. Missouri House Bill 1472.

According to George Church, a Harvard professor of genetics, medical biotechnology is advancing at several times the rate of Moore’s law.  Think of computers in 1950’s and 1960’s.  That’s where we stand in biology today, but we’re about to have a major boom which will impact all of us.  We’re on the cusp of a major revolution.  New medicine, new technology, and new breakthroughs will be coming left and right.  We’ll be able modify your metabolism and change how your body stores fat.  No more need to exercise and no plugged arteries!  We’re mapping every function of the human brain and will build technology to eliminate major forms of depression and psychosis.  Cures for diabetes, cancer, aids, and other diseases are within our grasp.  In time, we’ll end aging entirely, eliminating one of the worst forms of suffering on this planet.  But will Missouri’s kids be involved?  No.  They won’t even understand the basis of it all.  DNA?  Genetics?  Biotechnology?  What is that?

When someone gets sick, they’ll be praying, hoping to cast out the devils.  Technology to reverse aging will be viewed as rebellion against God’s plan for man.  We must all die so we that can face the final judgement.  Instead of understanding the new world they’re moving into, all of it will instead sound spooky to them.  Progress will be interpreted as signs that the end times are here and the Anti-Christ is coming soon.  They’ll think it’s all part of the devil’s plan to microchip us all and blow the world up in a nuclear holocaust.   Check out this video.  According to a guest on Bill O’Reilly, President Obama is working to usher in the Anti-Christ.  He supports birth-control and gay marriage!  This is the sort of thing airing on Fox News every night.

Those are the kinds of people who want science out of the classroom.  If we listen to them, none of us should worry about the world’s problems.  Jesus is coming back any day now, so why worry about anything?

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