The Robots Are Coming

A new age is quickly approaching us.  I think it’s the central problem of my generation — what are we to think of these robots and computer AI systems which are increasingly able to do tasks which only people could do just a short while ago?

They’re driving cars, climbing ladders, removing debris, opening doors, automating entire warehouses, running check out counters, delivering packages on helicopter drones, and the list goes on.  What’s next?  This is a video from SCHAFT Robotics, which was recently bought out by Google.

AI is only going to get better.  Computers are going to get faster.  Robots are going to get smarter.   They will eventually become smarter and more skilled than humans, the only question is when.

When I’m old, I expect that it will be commonplace to be driving down the road and see a construction site with robots like these building homes, apartment buildings, and shopping malls.  You’ll visit factories and there won’t be anyone inside — just robots.  Restaurants will no longer have waiters or cooks.  Robots will run the entire establishment.

Will it happen in thirty years?  Fifty years?  A hundred years?  Hard to say, but in the large picture, it’s flying toward us at high speed and we need to rethink everything.

We can finally enter an age where our machines free us from all drudgery and boring labor, leaving us for creative, fun endeavors, but it will require us to rethink the economy, money, and work.

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