Very Disturbing Video

Should those who commit adultery be stoned to death?  Should women be isolated from any role in society?  Should all gays be executed?  You should watch this video.

At a recent Islamic conference in Norway, thousands were asked these questions.  If they agreed, they were to raise their hands.  Nearly everyone there did.  Then the speaker asks the crowd, “How can they say we’re radical when all of us think these things?”

If you’re going to murder people over their sex lives, and tell half of the human race that they have no role in society other than to be their husbands’ personal servants, we’re going to have problems.  Women have rights and can vote in democratic societies.  They have just as much say as anybody else.  We don’t live that way anymore.

And stoning?  Let me see if I’m getting this straight.  When I think of stoning, I imagine a mob of angry men dragging a poor woman out into the middle of the street.  Everyone’s screaming at her, “Whore!  Whore!  Repent!”  Then she’s pelted with rocks until she dies, lying there in a pool of her own blood.  We’ve quit doing those sorts of things a long time ago.  The death penalty has almost been completely abolished in the civilized world, much less torture and stoning.

And gays?  A lot of us also have friends who are gay.  You think we’re going to let you murder them because of your religious ideas?  You going to round them up into a pen and stone them too?

Ironically this discussion took place at a peace conference.

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