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We’ve all heard about NSA programs like PRISM, revealed to us by Edward Snowden.  Well, it turns out it’s even worse.  As we all expected, the U.S. government is storing what everyone in the entire world is doing online.  Their emails, private conversations, web posts, and anything that’s remotely digital in nature, it’s all stored in their system.  They just pull up some neat tidy little window, type in your name, email address, or some other form of identification, and boom.  Every conceivable thing about you is there.

Apparently there’s a huge problem with soldiers listening in on people having phone sex.  Gather around everyone and listen to this!  *Chuckles*

The Young Turks explain the entire program.  I don’t care what anyone says about Edward Snowden, the man’s a hero.  I’m glad I know this stuff exists.  I suspected it did, but now I know for sure.  How far is this going to go?  This is worse than Orwell’s 1984.

If you want privacy, you’ll have to meet with your friends and loved ones face to face.  Otherwise, realize that someone’s watching.

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