Through The Moon’s Shadow

Last night I decided to relax and play video games and ended up spending some time talking with one of the players in an online game.  I was actually taken back when she told me that thought necessarily leads to extreme depression and sometimes even suicidal feelings.  I asked her why she thought that way, and she told me that when we reflect on our lives, we find our minds jumping back to all the painful events and many of us just can’t handle this world.  It pushes us down and we never get up.

I wanted to jump through the computer screen, take her hand, and then ask her,

Have you ever flown through the moon’s shadow into the light?  

As she stares at me, puzzled, I’d have her close her eyes and then gently touch her forehead, casting a magical spell allowing us to share thoughts.  We’d then proceed.

As we moved over the surface of Earth, I’d keep saying,

“Further, higher!  Above the horizon!  Further, higher!”  

We’d then end up on the moon, and from the lunar surface I’d thrust her into space until she was wrapped in a blanket of distant stars.  Then I’d ask her,

“Have you ever had thoughts like this?”

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