All Things New

Many years ago, my friend Fraser recommended that I watch an animated film called Ghost In the Shell.  I absolutely loved it and ended up watching all the other movies as well, not to mention the television series.  There was one particular moment in the first movie which is probably my favorite scene of any movie.  I was happy to find that it’s available on Youtube.

I’m surprised that so few people know what it means.  It’s symbolic of forgiveness, redemption, and all things new.  Motoko dives deep into the water, so deep that everything around her becomes pitch black.  There in the depths, she extends her arms and let’s go of her troubles, her fears, and her mistakes.  She leaves it all in the depths, forgets about it, and floats back upward toward the light, leaving her burdens behind.   As she reaches the surface, she’s reborn, gazing upward toward a beautiful sky.  It’s a new day, a water baptism.

One day I plan to do that in the ocean.  I’m going to put on scuba gear, dive as deep as I can, so deep that all I see around me is total darkness.  I’ll then visualize all the painful memories in my life, all my mistakes, and everything I’m ashamed of, and slowly extend my arms outward.  I’m going to throw it all into the sea, forgive myself, forgive others, and forgive the world, and then resurface toward the light.

Like everybody, I’ve done a lot of stupid things, many of which I’m really ashamed of.  But you know, I’ve tried to make things right when that was possible.  I’ve tried to apologize when the person was willing to talk to me.  Some old friends and acquaintances have never accepted my apology, or have even been willing to talk to me again, but there’s nothing you can do in that situation.  After years and years, it’s time to move on.  You have to let it go.  You can’t let people hold you to who you once were.  All things new.

Oh, and before we leave this post, I have a message to any fellow nerds.  All of you cool people now have to go.  Ok, they’re gone?

GHOST IN THE SHELL: ARISE!  *Screams*  Have you seen the trailer?  It comes out in a few weeks.  We get to see Motoko’s back-story and when she first joined Section 9.  I’m totally excited.

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