The Boston Bombing – A Lesson In Blowback

We’ve all been mourning the lives that were lost in this recent Boston marathon bombing.  Now that everyone’s calmed down, it’s a good time to ask why Tsarnaev did what he did.  We now know the answer.  After detonating the bomb, he was on the run for a while, eventually ending up on a boat.  There the police and swat forces gunned him down, and as he was lying there, badly wounded, he grabbed a pen and wrote down his motivations on the wall.   He scrawled out that his brother is now in paradise and that these deaths were “necessary collateral damage” for all the deaths in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  “When you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims.”

When Tsarnaev was taken to the hospital, U.S. interrogators asked him why he did it, and he told them the same thing — it’s about all the deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now I’m not here to justify this man’s actions.  I find them atrocious, but I want to help you get into his mind.  He wasn’t poor.  He wasn’t without opportunity.  He was going to a prestigious school on scholarships and could’ve lived a nice, comfortable life.  So why would someone in his position do something like this?  Well, how many innocent civilians died in the Iraq war alone?  Brace yourself.  The Associated Press estimated there were over 110,000 civilian casualties alone!   The Lancet survey, a peer-reviewed study, totaled the death count at 654,965.  That’s 2.5% of their total population!

Do we honestly think that we can kill that many innocent people and just walk away with no consequences?   Iraq never did ANYTHING to us, at all.  They weren’t even related to the 9/11 attacks, despite what a bunch of ignorant people watching Fox News may have thought.  People have no idea how badly they hate us in the Middle East, and it’s not because of our “freedom”, or how “rich” we are.  They hate us because we’re over there building bases, stealing their oil, and blowing their civilians to bits with bombs.  And what justification do we have for all of this?  Supposedly they had weapons of mass destruction, but did they really?  No.

I can remember Ron Paul talking about this in the 2008 election.  Watch this next video.

But listen to the crowd.  People don’t want to hear the truth, and when they do hear it, Rudy Gulianai exclaims, “That’s absurd.  I haven’t even heard of that idea!”  and the crowd roars in applause.

Do you have any idea how much money we’ve wasted on these wars?  According to a recent study published by Brown University, we’ve spent somewhere between $3.2-4 TRILLION dollars on the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.  A new 2013 study puts the total $6 trillion.  Oh, what is this?  Pakistan?  We’re at war with Pakistan?  Oh yes!  The Nobel Peace Prize winning Barack Obama got us involved in that one, but we don’t hear too much about it.  He’s too busy doing late night talk shows, smiling away, cracking jokes!  “Awww, he’s holding Michelle’s hand!  He’s so wonderful!  I love Obama!”  *crowd swoons*

Think about how many people we could’ve sent to college with that money.  We could’ve repaired our failing infrastructure.  That could’ve taken care of people’s medical bills.  How many research projects could that have funded?  But no.  All we got for all that spending was a lot of debt, a loss of respect and standing in the world, and a whole lot of people in the Middle East who are mad as hell at us.

Go on America, go back to looking up Kim Kardashian’s skirt.  Go back to worrying about Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, and whoever else is being talked about.  Keep your head in the sand.

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