Glenn Beck Plans Utopia

We all remember Glenn Beck tearing up on camera, lamenting that America has lost its way.  He took on the role of a libertarian, defender of the constitution, and made a fortune for himself through a Fox News television broadcast.  Now what is he up to?  Apparently he’s planning a socialist commune for himself and like-minded individuals.

He’s going to raise $2 billion in capital and buy a plot of land for himself in Texas.  From there he plans to build Independence USA, his own little city.  They’re going to raise all their own food,  have their own education system to free their citizens of “brainwashing”, and feature their own private market.  Beck will not allow food to be imported, and various corporations like the GAP and Ann Taylor will not be allowed in (what he has against those two corporations in particular, I have no clue).  They’re going to be entirely self-sufficient.

Occasionally I’d watch his program on Fox News, simply trying to be informed as to the crazy ideas circulating within my own community.  He was very popular but I never had much respect for him.  He thinks he’s building some sort of libertarian paradise when his ideas are that of a Marxist commune, centrally planned, masked as the true American project.

We have a food problem so you’re going to regulate what people eat?  I see.  And you’re worried about violence and sexual promiscuity in entertainment so you’re going to control the movies they watch and what education they have access to?  A full control of information and the flow of ideas.  I see.  And you don’t agree with the values others have so you need to impose a new sense of community on the people.  I see.  This is nothing new.  We’ve all seen this before.

His ideas are ridiculous.  That’s not freedom.  Just listen to him.  People need to have a true reverence for freedom!  Their fourth of July can’t be about hot dogs, drinking beer, and watching the ball game.  No!  It’s not about what the people actually want to do.  It’s about Glenn Beck and what he thinks they should be doing.  It’s about how he thinks they should live.  It’s about how he thinks they should act.  And if people won’t live how he wants them to, he’s going to cross his arms, pout, and build himself his own private world.

This will never happen, but it does show that he’s never understood democracy or freedom.  If other people have different ideas as to how to live, and he has to compromise or accommodate to what someone else may want, it’s tyranny and fascism.   He’s just a whiner who cloaks his selfishness as “patriotism”.  He has these nostalgic longings for a past America which never existed.

2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Plans Utopia”

    1. Libertarian ideas need to be a part of our national discourse, but people like Beck just discredit them. If someone is otherwise unfamiliar with the ideas, they think it’s about what Glenn Beck is going on about, and they think, “No, I don’t want any of that.” It seems outside society’s purview that a person can be fiscally conservative, socially liberal, and desire a non-interventionist foreign policy, all in the same person.

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