Charts I Don’t Like

For whatever reason, I’m in the mood to walk you through a bunch of charts I don’t like.  As you look at each one, you should feel terrible and depressed.   Just giving you a heads up, that’s all.

First let’s look at the U.S. Federal deficit.

federal deficit 2012

Despite what you may be hearing, we don’t need more spending to stimulate the economy.  That chart is terrifying.  It’s on a scale unprecedented in our history.

Federal Tax Revenues vs. Government Spending

And naturally, if you’re spending huge deficits, you’re running up a massive debt.  The larger the debt, the more interest we have to pay, and the more interest we have to pay, the more taxes we’ll be seeing which will be doing absolutely nothing for us.  So please, stop spending.  Congress, please, balance the budget.  This is not sustainable.


Now let’s look at healthcare expenditures.  Considering we spend twice as much money as everyone else, you’d think we have way better healthcare results.  *shakes head*  Nope.  We not only spend way more, we also fall behind the other industrial nations in terms of quality of care.  We could literally make healthcare a universal right for everyone, convert over to a more efficient system, AND have a totally balanced budget.  It’d be a win-win for the people, but there are massive profits to be made ripping us all off.  I sit in amazement everytime I look at this chart.  And look at the trajectory.  Every chart you see, they’re all climbing up and up and up with an ever increasing slope.  Steeper and steeper, faster and faster!

healthcare spending

Well, maybe not ALL charts.  I suppose we can look at a slightly more optimistic chart?  Don’t get your hopes up too high.  Total household mortgage and  credit-card debt within the U.S. has been slowly coming down, though it’s still way too high.  I think of how much money people waste paying interest on these massive loans and debt, all going to bankers and financiers.  What a racket.

household debt

I just hope people continue to pay down their debt and stay away from it.  The banking system is giant parasitic monstrosity wrapped around the people of the world, sucking the life out of all of us.

I may sound like an old economic relic, but I don’t mind being old fashioned.  I believe in saving money.  You know, when something bad happens, you have some money tucked away.  Don’t live day by day.  Live within your means.  All that sort of stuff.  Years ago, I was rather depressed when our country’s savings rate went negative, but we’ve snapped out of it.  We’re paying off our loans and saving money again.

us savings

But, it doesn’t help that university costs are rising at an insane rate.  There you are, Mr. or Mrs. young person, trying to get yourself an education so you can get yourself a good job. Take a look at tuition costs in public universities.


Costs go up and up and up, faster and faster!  Lovely trend isn’t it?  College costs keep going up while the degree you’re getting is worth less and less.  And remember all that talk about the federal deficit and debt?  The government’s financing a whole lot of it.  Let’s take a look at government owned student loan debt.


Goodness gracious, look at that spike.  The government helps finance kids going to school and the universities just ramp their rates up to match!  Nice!

The government is pumping tons of money into helping people go to school. I worry that there’s a student loan bubble.  We have all this student loan debt, some of it government owned, some privately owned, but what happens if people are unable to find work when they graduate?  We might run into yet another giant deficit explosion, not to mention a banking system failure (which would require yet more bailouts) and that’s not what we need right now.  So the question is, will these students be able to find work?


That’s the youth unemployment numbers.  The other unemployment numbers follow a similar trend.  It’s been worse in the past, and the trend is downward, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

It’d wise for us to reevaluate our spending and focus on top priorities.  Think about what’s important.  Nah!  Who are you kidding!  This the United States!  Where’s our money going?  Tanks!  Missiles!  Guns!  Let’s put on our cowboy hats and police the world!


Peace through strength!  Well, I hope I brightened your day a bit.

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