Why Gay Rights Matter

At the outset I’d like to say that I’m not gay.  None of my friends are gay, and I don’t have any gay family members.  This issue has little to no impact on me personally, but there are many people out there who feel alienated and abandoned in a so called “free” society just because of ignorance, stupidity, and bigotry.

I’d like to tell all of you a story about the inventor of the modern computer.  Meet Alan Turing.


The man was not only a genius but a hero as well.  During World War II, he built an early computer which cracked Nazi codes and literally saved the free world.  But there was one problem — he was gay in a world which would not accept that.

After admitting having had sexual relations with another man, he was convicted of “gross indecency” and given two options.  He could go to prison or take female hormonal injections to cure his supposed inordinate libido.  He went with the latter and began to develop breasts and other female attributes.  Falling into a deep depression, he laced an apple with cyanide and committed suicide at the age of 41, next to one of the computers he helped create.

Turing was literally murdered by his own society simply for being who he was, after liberating people who were being murdered for who they were.  Talk about irony.

So next time you’re on the computer playing video games, surfing the internet, or texting on your fancy iPhone, remember that the core principles governing how they work were created by a tortured gay man who had to commit suicide because the world would not accept him.  Remember his tragic story and think of how much we lost.  Had he lived a longer life, I’m sure he would have had many more things to add.

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