Our Future Caretakers

I hope that robots achieve human level intelligence within my lifetime.  When I’m old and gray, and my body is starting to give out on me, it’d be nice to have a nice light-hearted robot to take care of me.  I’d prefer that to a real life nurse or maid.

A machine would never be frustrated, tired, or bored.  It’d be without ambition, fully content with a life which solely consists in helping you do mundane things.   It would clean the floors, wash clothes, and do your tax returns.  It’d run you to the store, cook for you, and even help you in and out of bed when you’re feeling ill.  Always dependable, always happy to be there, always willing to help.

Even if I was very old and feeble, I could still easily live alone in a log cabin, away from society, quietly working on theoretical physics at my desk, with this wonderful robotic companion taking care of me.  I could ask it to help me work on things, or do complicated background research for me.  It’d be like my own personal assistant.

You could use them for other creative things as well.  They’d make wonderful partners in crime. 🙂

When we think of robots today, we think of the clunky, noisy, stupid machines of today, but I imagine something more like that in the video above.  They’ll be cheerful, funny, and always ready to lend a hand.

It’s interesting to consider what would happen if all of these robots were linked together into a giant network, sharing information with one another about human behavior and psychology.  They’d be able to quickly read your personality and perfectly adapt based on encounters with tens of thousands of people just like you.  They’d know how to cheer you up, calm you down, encourage you, and anything else.  It all sounds so nice.

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