The Real Mitt Romney

Recently a campaign donor smuggled a camera into a fundraiser and got footage of Mitt Romney speaking openly and candidly with those there.  I’ve posted the full, unedited video below.

After watching the videos in full, it’s interesting to watch Youtubers, primarily liberals, take short clips from this out of context.  For example, they’ll take a clip of him saying, “There’s a perception that all of you were born with a silver spoon. You know, you never had to earn anything and so forth.  Frankly, I was born with a silver spoon…” and then they cut him off.  If you let him finish, what he really says is, “Frankly, I was born with a silver spoon, which is the greatest gift you can have — which is to get born in America.”  Politics is a world full of lies and deception, on all sides.

You don’t have to mangle his words out of context to to make an argument against him.  I got a bit angry when he started talking about Chinese factories that he invested in, and acted as if they offered the poor some sort of great working opportunity.  He spoke of how much he admired the Chinese workers and their work ethic.  He was quite fond of the poor Chinese women who toiled to save up for their weddings.  Though he painted a rosy picture, I knew the truth of the matter.

If you were to travel there, you’d find dingy bunks where twelve or more of them are crammed together like sardines.  You’d see the workers lining up each morning like a military unit, doing drills, chanting, “Together everyone achieves more” as you listened to the Chinese national anthem play.  Next you’d hear, “Arise, arise, millions of hearts with one mind!” over the intercom.  This sort of propaganda would be blaring in your ears all day long, telling you  how many products you’d made, publicity for the sparkly new employee basketball court, and a barrage of other messages such as, “value efficiency every minute, every second.”  But you’d know that you never have time to go to play basketball.  You wake up, you work, then you go back to the dingy bunk and sleep.  You repeat this every day until you can’t take it any longer.  And those long lines of people wanting work, which Mitt was talking about?  Sadly, this is the best opportunity afforded to many in China.  So they put up with it.  They have to as there’s nothing else for them.  They put up with a lot.  They’re not allowed to talk to one another.  They’re not allowed to do much of anything, really.   Managers roam around the plant deducting points for anything and everything, including yawning, sitting, or eating.  If you lose enough points, they start docking pay.  You’d do this routine every day for fifteen hour shifts, pulling in a measly $32.50 a week.

Later Mitt’s talking about the military, and how we need to beef up our forces.  Apparently we’ve let our Navy and Airforce fall apart!  The world views President Obama as a weak president.  Romney attempted to persuade those attending that we need to be spending far more money on our military.  I thought, “So much for balancing the budget.”  He wants a lot more military spending and far less money spent on providing people housing, healthcare, and other entitlements.  He went on about that for a long time.  He claimed 47% of the American public pay no income taxes, and because Obama’s promising them free handouts, they’ll be voting for him no matter what.  Nearly half of Americans are freeloaders.

Unfortunately for Mitt, that’s not true at all.  Most of that 47% is comprised of the elderly, children, military personnel who are exempt from paying taxes due to serving in a combat zone, and the working poor.  Almost everybody pays into Social Security and Medicare as well as other state taxes, such as property taxes, not to mention sales taxes.  But this was a get together of rich donors and you have to play up this narrative that everyday people are worthless, hungry for entitlements which they’re too lazy to work for.  That’s how they justify it to themselves, you know, why they have so much and everyone else has so little.  Anybody can make it if they’d just work hard!  Tell that to the Chinese workers you’re exploiting in your factories.  You think hard work is going to get them anywhere?  No, but you guys will earn a fortune selling the iPhones and others appliances they produce for pennies.

I try to get into the minds of these people.  They’re at the home of a wealthy equity investor, spending $50,000 a plate, dining in splendor, chuckling to one another, “Isn’t that adorable?  Look at the poor Chinese woman saving up for her wedding.  How admirable!  She’s earning money for herself and isn’t asking for handouts.  Good for her!  The American public could learn from her.  Can you believe people feel they’re entitled to food and other basic necessities?”  *more chuckles* What disgusting human beings.

I also hate people’s hypocrisy.  At the Republican convention, it’s all about faith and family.  Jesus spent most of his time teaching to help the poor, the widows, and the less fortunate.  That it’s better to give than to receive.  That life doesn’t consist in the abundance of things you possess.  That his followers are to be pacifists and turn the other cheek.  That it’s easier for a camel to fit into the eye of a needle than for a rich man to see the kingdom of God.  Christ sent his disciples out to spread the message of the good news.  One of his disciples, I believe it was Peter, asked him, “Should we charge them money for this?”  And Jesus told them, “Don’t ask of them any more than you need to survive.  Teach them freely.”  Then I look at Romney and other conservatives and they don’t resemble that at all.  Let’s neglect the poor and invest in the military!  Hurrah!  As a general rule of thumb in America, the more religiously devout a person is, the less they resemble Jesus.  It’s not always the case, but it is most of the time.

There were a few points I agreed with him.  At one point he mentioned the debt and spending, and how we’re printing money just to keep our government going.  That’s a serious problem and Congress better get that fixed soon or we’re going to drive off an economic cliff.  I agree with him, it has to end.  Big lenders such as China, Russia, and Japan are no longer lending us money.  They know we’re a credit risk.  The Fed’s financing all of our government debt these days.  We’ve all seen Europe imploding and the same will happen to us if we don’t get our budgets in line.  I’m often worried things will get pretty rough here in the U.S.

Anyways, that’s a little rant on what I think of Mitt Romney.  All of this is such a mess.  Civil liberties are being flushed down the toilet.  Debt, wars, Wall Street.  That’s one thing Mitt Romney didn’t mention – reforming Wall Street.  At one point he did mention his good buddies at Goldman Sachs.  We certainly aren’t going to see the Glass-Steagall Act put back into place, I’ll tell you that.  It’s the same old same old.

2 thoughts on “The Real Mitt Romney”

  1. Hi, Jason. Love your blog! Very thought provoking. Regarding the Fed financing our gov’t debt… Since the fed issues all our money and the gov’t has to borrow all money from the fed with interest, isn’t this like the gov’t just paying off one credit card with another (or one loan with another)? Hope that made sense.

    1. Hi Greg,

      I suppose you could look at it that way. The real question is why we should have to pay back, with interest, money that was created out of thin air. That’s total B.S. if you ask me. I’ve never heard a good explanation for why it works that way.

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