TrapWire – We’re Being Watched

About a year or two ago I remember reading an article in Wired reporting that the United States is just a key-turn away from becoming a total police state.  Top NSA operatives and others from high government positions were warning us of how easily this new digital surveillance technology could be abused and how we need to be greatly concerned for our civil liberties and privacy.  Huge data centers exist which contain detailed files on every single one of us, and all our digital communications are being monitored and archived within detailed files.   This much you all probably know already.

When I mention this to family members, they just sort of roll their eyes at me.  I don’t understand why nobody cares.  This isn’t paranoia.  What has to happen before people actually acknowledge this is happening?

So what’s the latest erosion of our civil liberties?  Wikileaks has came into some information that all those fancy new cameras being installed all over the country, especially in big cities, are all linked together in vast networks, with predictive AI software monitoring the footage.  All of us are identified using facial recognition and other algorithms, and this footage is linked to our file.

“Emails obtained via a hack of intelligence agency Stratfor have shed light on a secret, comprehensive U.S. surveillance effort led by Virginia-based TrapWire. The details were released by whistleblower site Wikileaks, but an ongoing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against has made it difficult to access the TrapWire docs…”

– The Young Turks

Here’s Cenk Uygur breaking down the story.  This is all being done to detect “pre-crimes”, with advanced AI systems monitoring us, looking out for suspicious activity and communicating it to local lawn enforcement.

I don’t like any of this.  *sigh*

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