Glass Infused With Nanotechnology

On my blog, I’ve often talked about the possibilities that come into being when we infuse technology and knowledge into the world around us.  Nanotechnology allows us to insert tiny computers and other devices into everyday things around us, making the “dumb” world come alive.  In around ten years or so, you will be seeing all glass windows and surfaces come alive, filled with tiny electronic devices.

These special glass surfaces will turn your counter-tops into vivid computer displays.  Combined with augmented reality, your windows will become virtual portals into other worlds.  Thin glass sheets will act as hand-held newspapers which will be a weird blend between surfing the internet and a physical piece of paper.  You will go into a store and they will have a glass finish on their floors, embedded with nanotechnology.  These tiny devices will interact with your iPhone and virtual arrows will appear on the floor, guiding you to whatever you’re looking for.  If you’re an artistic person, you could have these surfaces covering the furniture and walls of your home and you’d be able to digitally change the “theme” of each room almost instantly.  There’s so much more, but the videos convey these things much better than words.

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