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Nice Guys Finish First

Have you ever heard arguments, by Christians primarily, that there is no morality without God?  Without the divine guidelines found in their holy books, we humans are supposedly left with nothing but struggle and toil, a ruthless no-holds barred competition … Continue reading

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We’re Not The Center Of All Things

I stumbled across a video on Youtube which I really liked.  I thought I’d share it. The quotation found at the end is also worth thinking about. “If we long for our planet to be important, there is something we … Continue reading

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We Are Stardust

A new Symphony of Science video!  You know I have to post it.

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Magnetically Levitated 3D Environment

Scientists at MIT have created a special 3D space, managed by computer controlled magnets, where they can levitate and control objects.  It creates an interactive environment where digital information and physical objects meet.  Very cool.

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The Illusion Of Self

In a post I wrote last year, I claimed our sense of self is an illusion.  What did I mean by that?  I’ve been thinking that I need to be careful how I phrase things so that I’m not misunderstood. … Continue reading

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