No… Nooooo… Not Obamaville! Anything but Obamaville!

Politics is a circus that I can’t take seriously.  I mean, look at this political ad by Rick Santorum.

Just think if Obama gets relected!  Every small town will become a wasteland, freedom of religion will be a thing of the past, gas prices will be through the roof, and Iran will nuke us!  Scared?  This is your cue to cry in terror and run in circles screaming, “What can I do?”  Of course there’s only one thing you can do — vote Rick Santorum!


4 thoughts on “No… Nooooo… Not Obamaville! Anything but Obamaville!”

  1. Wow, he’s really getting cinematic with his ads. Problem is, obviously its too over the top to be persuasive. It’s hard for me to imagine people really getting absorbed into that little reality.

    By the way, Ron Paul is VERY close to winning Missouri which is the largest caucus state in the entire country. Depending on what happens when St Charles has their do-over, everything is riding on that at the moment. I was there when he won every delegate in St Louis City and on the same day he won 3/4 of the delegates in Kansas City. After doing very well in the rural areas, he’s slightly ahead.

    I don’t know if you heard or not, but St Charles caucus was rigged by anti-Ron Paul people who shut the place down with cops when they learned they were going to lose. A riot almost broke out and cops were everywhere. This is an example of how dirty certain people in the GOP establishment get when it looks like they’re going to lose. The system is kinda rigged in many ways.

  2. Hmm, I wish that the candidates would actually spend money on getting their ideas across instead of explaining why the other candidates are worse than them. Not that I want to hear anymore from Santorum but its annoying that we are subjected to this madness.

    1. @Greg Over the top is a very good description of that ad. I wonder sometimes, who is it that’s actually supporting Rick Santorum? When I see any video of his on Youtube, outside of the “The Sh*t Rick Santorum says”, they’re ALL universally hated. Nobody likes him. I just can’t get over how the guy has any supporters at all, or how someone would choose him over Ron Paul, or even Mitt Romney.

      @Everett Rick Santorum’s ideas? Just think what a catholic priest from the Middle Ages would do if he were brought here in a time machine. Stuff like birth control is evil, stop teaching that evil science stuff which goes against our scriptures, men should control women, remove all separation of church and state, spy on people, outlaw pornography, wage wars against pretty much everyone in the middle east, pretend to advocate free markets yet have no idea what freedom even is, black people are worthless parasites on welfare, and yeah, that should get you started. He’s primarily about his own demented view on social issues.

      What comes to mind when you think of the problems we as a nation face? Exploding healthcare costs maybe? Ending the wars? Infringements on our civil liberties? Racism, such as the Trayvon Martin cast? Rights for minorities, such gas gays, and others? Out of control spending? Maybe our trade deficit? Our massive national debt? Financial chaos on Wall Street? Socialized losses with privatized profits? Bailouts? Those sorts of things are on most of our minds. Rick Santorum’s mind is on religion, fighting against gays in the military, and contraception. He’s completely out of touch.

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