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Thoughts On Love

Over the past week or so I’ve found myself reading Joseph Campbell’s series The Masks of God, and came to a passage which, in many ways, summarizes a lot of my thoughts over the past two years or so. “The … Continue reading

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The Damnnn Gurrl Tour

Oh my god gurrlll, is that K’Ronikka?  DDaaammmmnnnn.  And she’s making a new album with Pitbull and Ke$ha?   Don’t you let em’ hate on you girl.  That bitch was just blinded by your ‘ish.  Keep doin’ whatcha do.  U … Continue reading

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We Choose To Go To The Moon

Earlier today I saw a Saturday Night Live skit mocking the idea of building a settlement on the moon.  I don’t like Newt Gingrich, but when he spoke of building a moon colony, I was proud that a popular leader … Continue reading

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