Conditions In Chinese Factories

Just a few days ago I felt compelled to blog about the conditions of workers in Chinese factories like Foxconn.  These factories are responsible for assembling our iPods, iPads, Xboxes, and other electronic devices.  Workers in these places are slaves.  If you can’t see that, you’re completely blind.  They can be at times worked for 35 hour long shifts, paid a whopping 35 cents an hour, and are often caught attempting suicide within the factory.  What kind of workplace has nets hanging from the walls to catch suicide roof jumpers?  I’m really tired of hearing people praise Steve Jobs.  Companies like Sony, Apple, and Microsoft are earning billions of dollars in profits as they exploit the poor and helpless.  35 cents an hour?  Twelve year prison sentences if they try to form a union?  Eight people to a small dorm, crammed together like sardines?  It’s evil.

Jon Stewart covered the issue, and I think you should watch him.

The Daily Show
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It should be illegal to do business with companies that fail to meet various working condition standards.

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