Indefinite Detention Of American Citizens

Well everyone, it’s official.  Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law.  You can be thrown into prison indefinitely, without a trial, without evidence being brought against you, all at the executive branch’s whim.  What a way to start the new year.

This is a sad time.  Almost pathetic.  I’m sure most of you have taken a civics class.  We all know this is not American.

I may be a bit of a recluse at times, but I know, I just KNOW that people can see that this is the wrong direction.  People know the government has no right to spy on them.  They know they should be innocent until proven guilty and have a right to proper due process.  They deserve a speedy trial, should be given a lawyer if they can’t afford one, and shouldn’t be tortured.  People know that locking up a person indefinitely in a prison, without a trial, is wrong.

By signing this into law, our president has shown that he doesn’t stand for freedom or American values.  I could never vote for Barack Obama in good conscience.  And this isn’t the only issue I have with him.  He bailed out the banks and has failed to properly regulate them.  The global economy is still in struggling, in large part because of Wall Street’s casino, with its corruption and financial derivative schemes.  We’ve seen no pressure for regulation and the restoration of a sane financial system.

Many people seem to believe Obama saved us from a major depression.  All he did was stuff the banks full of money when they were going bankrupt and now they’ve returned to business as usual.  Certainly you haven’t forgotten about the record bonuses Wall Street executives were paying themselves with bailout money?  Even so, I’m not surprised.  Half of Obama’s cabinet members are bankers and former Wall Street executives.

We have police state legislation being passed and our civil liberties are becoming a thing of the past.  Our government is continuing to spy on us.  Worthless wars continue to be waged in the middle east, draining our resources.  Criminals are being locked up in publicly traded, privately owned prisons, which are raking in huge profits by imprisoning our citizens over petty crimes.  The drug war continues on.

Our infrastructure in in shambles.  I want Obama out of there.  He’s not standing for you or for me.  All I see is a man consolidating power in the executive branch and socialism for the rich.

So who else do we have to choose from in our next election?  Mitt Romney will tell you anything you want to hear.  He’s the cardboard cookie-cutter politician.  He has about as much backbone as a piece of taffy.

Newt Gingrich is a career politician who left his wife as she was dying of cancer.  A friend of his said that Newt was worried she wasn’t young or pretty enough to be the wife of the president, and of course, she had cancer.  He was paid millions of dollars to consult Freddie Mac before it went bankrupt.  He’s morally bankrupt.   Just look at him.

Rick Perry can’t even remember his simple talking points.  He’s outside praying for rain.  Michelle Bachmann can’t seem to get her facts straight three quarters of the time.  It seems we can’t have a single debate without her throwing out a real zinger from the twilight zone.  Rick Santorum, well, he’d be much happier if he lived in the middle ages.  And let’s all hope Sarah Palin stays out of the mix.  We’ve had enough of her.  I don’t expect her to run, but I wouldn’t put it past her to try to keep us all in suspense.  The more media exposure, the higher ratings for her reality show, and I’m sure her and Bristol have books to sell.

There is one candidate we mustn’t forget about – Ron Paul.

It’s been strange watching things unfold.  It’s obvious the media has been trying to shut him out.  Even after winning the Iowa caucus, he’s still ignored.  That tells you something is up.  Politicians wish to be viewed as an outsider.  John McCain’s entire campaign last year tried to brand him as an outsider maverick, ready to change things in Washington.  Well if you want a real maverick, take a look at Ron Paul.  He fits that description better than anyone I’ve ever seen.  The mainstream media hates the guy.  The man rocks the boat, that’s for sure.

Here’s the issues I support him on:

1.  He’ll end the wars and bring the troops home, saving us trillions of dollars.  The terrorism threats are greatly exaggerated, and people know it.  Ron Paul will help calm the nation down.

2.  He’ll restore our civil liberties, end the privately owned prison racket, and put an end to the worthless war on drugs.

3.  He’ll fight for transparency in the banking system, and demand audits of the Federal Reserve’s books.  Ron doesn’t take any nonsense when it comes economic issues.  After all, that’s the very reason he entered politics to begin with.

4.  He’ll balance our budget and save our country from bankruptcy.

The White House has a lot of control over the initial framing of the budget, as well as the military, FBI, and CIA.  That’s why I think he could actually do the four things I just listed.  As for his more extreme positions, I don’t think Congress will let him have his way.  They won’t let him abolish the FDA or EPA.  They’ll probably let him lower taxes, but not by much.  All in all, they’ll hold him in check.

I think he’s the best candidate out there, even if I don’t agree with him on everything.  His main message is we’re broke, we need to balance our budget, stop policing the world, and respect the constitution.  I’m with him on all those things one hundred percent.  I know he’s a honest guy who believes in free markets, and he’d be tough on wasteful spending.  Though a lot of people think America is invincible, and that normal economic laws don’t apply to us, I assure you they do.  We can’t continue the deficit spending.  It has to come to an end and it might as well be now.  Things will only get worse the longer we prolong things.

Many will tell you that voting for Ron Paul is throwing your vote away.  They say he’s unelectable.  But I can’t take any more of the standard, run of the mill Republics or Democrats.  Barack Obama, a Democrat,  promised to end Guantanamo, promised to bring the troops home, we were going to have a public option, Wall Street was going to be reformed, he was going to get our spending under control, and our civil liberties were going to be restored.  But what happened?  Nothing.  All we’ve received is excuses.  The typical blame game.  I’m tired of excuses.

Obama was elected on a huge swing of momentum.  Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate.  He could’ve done many of the things progressives wanted, but he didn’t.  Why?  He’s not serving you.  He’s serving his corporate masters.  He told us all we wanted to hear, and then when he got in office, he ignored us.  But as election time rolls near, he’s going to come back to us on hands and knees pleading, “Baby forgive me.  I know I did ya wrong, but I’ve been doing some thinking.  I’ve changed.  Hear me out.  We can make this work.”  It’s time for us to move on.

Do we go back to the Republicans?  No.  There’s a reason Obama had the massive initial momentum he did.  Remember all the boo’s during Bush’s farewell parade back to Texas?  We didn’t like that guy.  A vote for Romney or Gingrich is basically asking to put Bush back in office.  Don’t do it.

That leaves us with only one choice:  Ron Paul.  Even if you don’t like some of his ideas (and to be honest, a few of them scare me as well), consider the points I made.

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