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How Is Everybody?

What is this?  I haven’t posted anything on my blog for almost a month?!  How irresponsible of me.  If I said I’ve been too busy to post anything, I’d be lying.  Really I’ve been immersed in some personal projects.  Maybe … Continue reading

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The Yin And Yang Of The Mind

I’d like to continue the discussion of yesterday and elaborate on a topic which is really interesting to me:  the yin and yang of the mind.  As I was reflecting on this idea today, I mainly considered how the mind … Continue reading

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Is It Better Never To Have Lived?

Are any of you familiar with a philosophical idea called anti-natalism?  I was listening to various people debate the idea on youtube and found it strange that I’d never heard of it.  I hope I’m not oversimplifying the idea, but … Continue reading

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