The Big 3: Machine Intelligence, Biotech, and Nanotechnology

Here on my blog, I’ve tried to indicate that the big trends of the future are machine intelligence, the biotech revolution, and nanotechnology.   I just recently learned that Michio Kaku, a famous physicist and cofounder of string theory, has put together three hour long specials for the BBC talking about the future of these areas.

Machine Intelligence:  this includes things like general AI, embedding our cognition within the external environment into machines, and virtual reality.  Computer chips are going to become so cheap that they will be embedded into everything around us, including the walls, roads, furniture, our clothing, and more.   Computers are going to become super-intelligent, far more intelligent than even us!  Robots will be walking around, understanding your speech, and interacting with you in the real world.  Giant artificial computer super-brains are going to be constructed, housing all human knowledge.  All of this will be accessible from any computing platform, like a super-Google but far more intelligent than just a search engine.  Combine all of this with augmented reality, and you have one helluva combination of upcoming awesomeness!  You can watch this first video here for free on Youtube!

Biotechnology:  Imagine a world without sickness, disease, or aging.  Imagine creating life in the lab, and building specialized living organisms to do our bidding.  If you combine our exponential growth in understanding of the fields of biology and genetics with new, ever more powerful computing, you get the biotech revolution.  It will be changing everything, vastly improving the quality of life for human beings.  Many who keep up with the biotech revolution believe that it’s not unlikely that within fifty to one-hundred years, humans will have ended aging and will have the possibility to live forever (absent accidents, such as a car wreck, and such).  There’s nothing in our human DNA which says we have to die.  Our bodies just break down over time, but we are VERY close to mastering biology and all those chemical processes of the body.  You can watch the second video below on Youtube.

Nanotechnology:  Using tiny machines far smaller than a human hair, we will be constructing everything from our food, appliances, to materials.  We will be building things atom by atom, snapping them together like legos.  This will allow us to build anything the laws of nature allow, giving us a complete mastery of reailty.  We’ll have solar panels which are far more powerful than today’s best, allowing clean abundant energy.  Though this isn’t nanotechnology, if properly funded, we’ll also soon have fusion power, allowing us to convert ocean water into HUGE amounts of energy.  Energy will be so cheap that it will probably be free.  Remember that device in Star Trek where they ask the computer for a cup of coffee and it’s assembled for them on demand?  It just appears in the appliance?  Those are nanofactories, and we’ll probably have those within one-hundred years as well.   Nanotechnology will be lifting everyone out of poverty, removing the haves the have nots.  Nobody will live in poverty.  We’ll have nanomachines working with our bodies, keeping us healthy, happy, and strong.  We’ll be able to eat as much as we want, of anything we want, never gain weight, and never plug up.  These nanodevices will also likely make their way into our brains, greatly advancing our memory and intelligence, and allowing us to plug into virtual reality, and live out our wildest fantasies.  People won’t have to go to school, or learn trades.  They’ll just connect to the super-mother-brain and download any skills or information they’re needing.  You can watch the third video below on Youtube.

The future is so awesome, it’s beyond words.  To all terrorists, religious extremists, and those in power:  Don’t kill humanity off and stop this.  Don’t blow up the world in a nuclear holocaust.  Don’t pollute our planet so bad that we all die before this happens.  Don’t use this technology for wars and weaponry.  Life can be so amazing if we’ll just get along and work together.  Quit fighting over petty things that don’t matter.  Fund this technology so we can all live in abundance, perfect health, and have wild experiences in virtual reality!

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