Thinking For Yourself

As I’ve had this blog over the years, I’ve always shared my beliefs, and told what I really thought about things.  When I look back at my old blog posts, I’m embarrassed.  I’ve said some stupid things, and the farther back you go, the dumber I become.  But one thing has always been true of me:  I think for myself.  I keep digging through books, studying how things work, and I come to my own conclusions.

In this world you have to think for yourself.  Nobody can think for you.  If you think your television is going to tell you what to believe, you better think again.  You all may have heard of Cenk Uygur, who hosts an internet news program on YouTube called The Young Turks.  As his popularity increased, MSNBC gave him a prime time news show.  Knowing he could increase his audience and message, he took the position.  Then an interesting thing happened.  After going pretty hard on some big shot politicians, he was pulled into their main office and was told by the head CEO, “Outsiders are cool and all, but we’re part of the establishment.  You’ve made some powerful people in Washington angry, and you need to tone it down.”  That’s paraphrased.  Watch it for yourself.

Even as he was being canned, he was offered a huge sum of hush money, and a minor role as a contributor.  They offered him twice as much money to basically just go away.   If you’re getting your news from the TV or other mainstream sources, I think you should seriously reconsider.

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