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A Sixth Sense

Sometimes I feel like a stuck record, saying the same things over and over, but I want to spend a moment tonight reflecting on how amazing, and strange, consciousness really is. Imagine if, while you were developing in the womb … Continue reading

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Future Implications Of Virtual Reality

As I was out for a walk today I found myself reflecting on the vast implications virtual reality will have on the future of our species. The importance of this future technology shouldn’t be underestimated. Take one of the biggest … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The Future Economy

As I’ve been writing my Space, Time, and the Mind posts, I’ve been thinking a lot about technology and artificial intelligence (AI).  Eventually I want to write about AI since it is our attempt to emulate the actions of the … Continue reading

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STM – Introduction – Ideas And Mental Objects

Now that we’ve established a general outline to work within, let’s introduce the first topic area which will be a major focus throughout this book – Ideas and Mental Objects. Ideas And Mental Objects Imagine taking a leisurely walk through … Continue reading

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