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Great Minds Reflect On Consciousness

If we were visited by an advanced alien race whose knowledge was practically unlimited, and you were able to ask them one, and only one question, what would it be?  I would want them to explain to me the underlying … Continue reading

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An Upcoming Technological Singularity?

Philosophers all around the world are wondering, “What will happen when we have machines which are more intelligent than we are?”  This event has come to be known as the “technological singularity”.  Wikipedia defines the event as follows: Technological singularity … Continue reading

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All Attractive Men Are Scum?

The other day I went online to read the news and came across an article entitled Why Women Shouldn’t Pick Attractive Husbands.  After I finished reading this article, I sat back in my chair in disgust. First we’re told how … Continue reading

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A Thought Experiment On The Illusion Of Self

Imagine that thirty years from now we have just finished reverse engineering the human brain and have implemented a massive super-computer which can perform the same sorts of data processing algorithms our minds use. Further imagine that I was one … Continue reading

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Augmented Reality Is Awesome

Advances in computer vision are leading to some really interesting possibilities.  In my Space, Time, and the Mind posts I mentioned that I was going to teach you all how you can go from 2D images to a 3D environment.  … Continue reading

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