Privacy Concerns

It’s recently been learned that the iPhone and the iPad are tracking our every moment and storing it all in an unencrypted file.  Apparently cell phone companies already track all of this data and keep it all on file.  That was news to me.  In the video below, you can watch two data experts analyze this file and what’s in it.  They wrote a little application which plots the locations on a map, and they follow their own movements over the course of a year.

I’m very concerned about privacy, and I don’t like this at all. There is all this digital information flying around these days, revealing every detail of our lives to corporations and the government and it’s scary. I get tired of people marginalizing this sort of thing, saying that if you’re concerned about all of this you’re entertaining “conspiracy theories”. There’s no “conspiracy” about this. Do you want your every move watched? Do you want corporations and the government to know every little thing you do? Do you like the idea that anyone who steals your phone can know everywhere you’ve been over the past year?

I’m in agreement with Senator Al Franken.

At a senate hearing today, Apple and Google defended themselves against allegations that the companies do an inadequate job of protecting user privacy on mobile devices.

“I still have serious doubts that these rights are being respected in law or in practice,” Franken concluded. “We need to think seriously about how to address these problems and we need to address them now. This is an urgent issue we need to be dealing with.”

Source: Huffington Post

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