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What’s happening to this country…

There’s really no words for this video.  A half-deaf Indian woodcarver is walking down the sidewalk, working on a carving.  A police officer pulls up, yells, “Hey, hey! Put the knife down.  PUT THE KNIFE DOWN!”  The Indian man is … Continue reading

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STM – Introduction – The Big Picture

Let’s now look at the universe and life from the largest perspective possible.  The best “big picture” perspective I’ve found on this can be found in Ray Kurzweil’s book The Singularity Is Near.  He looks at the world from the … Continue reading

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Life Is Good

Isn’t it glorious to finally find out something you’ve been wanting to learn for years?  I had been struggling to understand how our brain works with numbers, and what numbers are.  I began thinking, “I wish a neuroscientist would focus … Continue reading

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STM: Introduction – Existence Is Weird

“The reason why certain people turn to philosophy, why I became a philosopher, since I was a little boy, I always felt that existence as such was weird.  I mean, here we are.  Isn’t that odd?” – Alan Watts I … Continue reading

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Hold Up While I Kidnap You

Imagine if you were kidnapped tonight, were injected with an agent which kept you fast asleep for an unknown duration of time, and then awoke lying on the floor in this place. What sort of thoughts and emotion does this … Continue reading

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