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A Nice Idea

I woke up this morning, lying in bed, and I sat wondering how I wanted to spend my summer. Mostly I want to do research in various areas, which I’ve talked about in previous posts. I also slightly considered a … Continue reading

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Possible Summer Goal – Construct Robot

I’ve been hard pressed to determine how I want to spend my summer. I thought about doing Physics research, but I decided I wanted to take some time and research some things on my own. That brings me to everything … Continue reading

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ARToolkit – A Neat Computer Vision Tool

Computer Vision allows some really neat things.  ARToolkit is a computer vision library created by Hirokazu Kato used for tracking a surface and placing an animated model on top of it.  It looks really neat.  This summer I’ll be researching … Continue reading

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The State Of Our Economy

You’ll find an excellent piece in Vanity Fair written by Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitiz entitled Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%.  I’d like to post several excerpts here today. It’s no use pretending that what has … Continue reading

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Bertrand Russell’s Autobiography

I recently finished reading Bertrand Russell’s autobiography.   I can remember picking it off my shelf many times and reading the preface, thinking to myself, “This has to be good.” What I have Lived For … Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly … Continue reading

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