Arianna Pockets $300 mil

I read an article today that Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, sold her website to AOL and is pocketing $300 million in cash herself.

Have you guys ever seen her on the television?  She’s a liberal who is frequently on various news television programs, and she talks about helping communities, giving back, how the rich are making too much money, how the middle class is fading away, and so on and so forth.  Now she’s waltzing off with $300 million, selling her website off to corporate America.

If you’ve never seen her before, here’s a link to a video of her:

I can’t say I have a very high opinion of her.  She gets on the television talking about how corrupt the politcians are, and how they’re spending our tax dollars without regard, and they’re all in bed with rich Wall Street and corporate CEOs, then we look at her and she’s living in a luxurious Los Angeles mansion and has hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank. I can’t help but think, “Oh?  And you’re so different from them?”

If she actually believed any of the things she’s saying, I would think she would be helping all the unemployed with her millions.  But will she?  I can’t imagine it happening.

Occasionally I browse various news sites and see what they’re talking about.  About a month or two ago I saw an article on the Huffington Post about the richest politicians.  The author of that article was infuriated at the net worth of many of the richest politicians.  Many had a net worth of several million dollars or more and the richest were worth a little over $10 million.  It seems a bit dishonest to complain about their wealth on when Arianna’s worth 30 times that.  She has more money than all those politicians combined.

Here comes my cynicism — brace yourselves — People like Arianna Huffington turn the “help the poor”/”struggling middle class”/green message into big business.  She knows there’s a large target market which she can drive to her website, all while selling advertising to corporate America.  Look at all the movies, celebrities, and books her site promotes.  It’s a giant marketing/promotion vehicle for corporate America, and that’s why they’ve now paid her $300 million for the site.

I rarely read or watch the news.  I mainly just read sites like physorg.  I don’t believe all news is theater, but a whole lot of it definitely is.

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  1. Jason, I don’t know what she’s going to do with all that money, but I’m still glad she’s on TV and that her website is on the Internet speaking out against the dangerous concentration of wealth in the hands of a plutocracy while the rest of us struggle more and more to find and keep jobs and make proverbial ends meet. Her hypocrisy, if that’s what it is, doesn’t invalidate her message.

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