Visual Perception, The Mind’s Eye, And Change Blindness

The other day I mentioned that I’ve been studying visual cognition, and in particular I’ve been reading Vision Science: Photons To Phenomenology, by Stephen Palmer.  I found two amazing videos on YouTube which discuss the kinds of topics visual cognition gets into.   If you don’t know what vision science is, these videos will help you get a feel for it.

Unfortunately I can’t embed them because the user disabled embedding.  Why?  I don’t know.  Anyways, you can always just click the link?

Mind’s Eye:

Change Blindness:

If you can imagine a 850 page thick textbook packed with experiments and information containing how the brain works during all these sorts of circumstances, how it processes space, how it builds a representation of a scene based not only on sensory information from the eyes but also on your memories, and so on, then you’ll have an idea of what vision science is.  This subject and physics are probably the most fascinating subjects to me.  Next would come neuroscience, biology, and then economics.  Enjoy the videos.

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