Feynman On Visual Cognition

This particular interview was part of what inspired me to study how our brain conceives space by processing the waves which enter our eyes, and then infer what’s going on around us.  I love Richard Feynman.  He’s a hero of mine.  I absolutely loved his Lectures On Physics, which are his undergraduate level lectures he delivered at Cal-Tech in the 1960s.  I’m completely fascinated with the mess of waves we’re immersed in.  As he points out, our eyes and bodies are instruments almost like radios, which are attuned to vibrations of this oscillating  “field”.  Our sensory organs are tapped into various frequency ranges, but there’s all these other waves which exist as well, we just don’t perceive them.

The big thing in the world of Physics today is String Theory.  Here’s one of the theory’s founders, Dr. Kaku, explaining how the fundamental particles of our reality are really tiny little vibrating energy strings.  I don’t know anything about String Theory.  Besides all my neuroscience research, and other physics studies, hopefully within the next five or so years I’ll be able to study String Theory.  It’ll be a while for me though.

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