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Europe’s Economy Is Collapsing

Europe’s economy is collapsing.  There’s been too much spending and too much borrowing.  We’re next in line if we can’t get our budgets balanced. The debt crisis in Europe escalated sharply Friday as investors dumped Spanish and Portuguese bonds in … Continue reading

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A Darwinian Theory Of Beauty

This is a TED talk with Dr. Denis Dutton discussing how we evolved our sense of beauty.   What I’ve always found fascinating about sexual selection is that it can lead to selection pressures toward higher intelligence, increased motor skills, and … Continue reading

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The Puzzle Of Suicide

Suicide is a strange issue if you really sit down and think about it.  Why would human beings evolve to, at times, desire suicide?  What possible benefit could that confer upon our species?  If we’re survival machines concerned with reproducing … Continue reading

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Symphony Of Science: A Wave Of Reason

You guys all know I’m a huge fan of the Symphony of Science videos.  A new one just came out and it features Bertrand Russell, so you definitely need to check it out! Here are the lyrics. Russell: When you … Continue reading

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Using Evolutionary Psychology To Breakdown Pop Music

I’d like to take some time and break down a pop song using evolutionary psychology.  Let’s use a song by Justin Bieber as an example.  Let’s try to get into the heads of listeners and learn why this sort of … Continue reading

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