The World’s Most Spectacular Waterfalls

1.  Victoria Falls is located in Zimbabwe. You’ll find the falls along the Zambezi River on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

2. Niagra Falls is found on the border of the United States and Canada.

3. Iguazu Falls is located on the border of the Brazilian state of Parana (in the southern region) and the Argentine province of misiones.   Here you’ll find over 270 waterfalls along the Iguazu River.

4.  Angel Falls is located in Venezuela.   This is the world’s highest free-falling waterfall with an uninterrupted drop of 807 meters.

5. You’ll find the Arctic Melt Falls along the ice caps during the melt season.  I would probably like to see these falls most of all.  To some, the barren ice may seem desolate, but to me it’s absolutely serene.

6.  Yosemite Falls can be found in California within the Sierra Nevada mountains.

I wanted to post more, but every video I would find of the other falls are of such terrible quality, and I didn’t want to include them.

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