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Yesterday I talked about the mega-farms, how they destroy the environment and the cruelty the animals must endure there.  After reading my post a second time I see that I didn’t even get into a small fraction of what these animals endure.  This sort of thing is best shown through video.


Pork and Bacon:


This is why we have to eat organic food, or even better, become vegetarians.  If you eat the normal beef, chicken, and pork found in your supermarket, you’re guilty of supporting this cruel and terrible industry.  Sad thing is, without these cruel techniques a significant portion of our population would starve.  Food prices would go way up and most couldn’t afford them.  As David Attenborough said at the end of his Life Of Mammals series, it’s time for us to control our population to save the environment.  The more humans we hatch out, the more this sort of thing will go on.

If we continue business as usual, the only species which will survive are our pets and these domesticated farm animals who endure this harsh and terrible treatment.  Natural habitats are being ravaged and destroyed all to make room for farms like these and to build us more homes.

I had to turn my head when they jammed that blade into the animals’ necks as they hung there then suffocated on their own blood.  I can’t imagine what that feels like.  Then that pig fell to the ground squirming around, bleeding to death.  At the start of the first film you see that cow being castrated, no pain killers, just whacking off its testicles.  It’s trapped in those bars writhing in pain.

It’s so strange that we have animal cruelty laws regarding our pets, such as dogs and cats, but then treatment such as this is completely ignored and brushed away.  This is far worse than anything most dogs and cats endure.  Thing is, there’s money in beef, pork, and chicken sales.  Since that’s the case, this sort of thing is ignored.

Just watch the films.  They’re so gruesome I don’t even want to talk about them.

When I study neuroscience, it’s amazing that you find the same sorts of brain structures in animals as we have in humans.  In us, our outer 6 mm of neo-cortex is where consciousness resides.  It’s where we see, feel, taste, smell, and so on.  Read my introduction to the subject here.  Those pigs and cattle have the same structures.  I’m not sure about chickens as I’ve never examined their brains. I assume they have some of them as well.  When you’re jamming that blade in their necks, there’s consciousness residing in those animals.   They’re just as alive as us humans.  There’s a living being there, suffering and in pain.

Animals are just as alive as we are.  It’s only our mistaken beliefs, many originating in our superstitious religious systems, that disconnect us from the true nature of life.  We can’t allow this sort of treatment to continue.  This is just as important an issue as torture and human rights.  These are crimes against life itself.

3 thoughts on “Meet Your Meat”

  1. So does this mean you’ve started buying that super-expensive organic beef and $5/gallon milk?

    I’m curious how have your eating habits changed. I’ve changed a lot since seeing some of the documentaries out there.

    1. I’m trying to become a vegetarian. I eat meat from time to time, and I’m not really strict about it, but I’m trying to eat as little meat as I can. After seeing all the chemicals they pump into these animals, not to mention how awful they’re treated, everything points toward staying clear of meat in general. I drink organic milk, mainly because it doesn’t have all the additives, hormones and garbage in it. I also drink it for the cow’s sake. It’s not easy though. Eating healthy in this environment of ours is next to impossible unless you prepare all of your own food, and you know me… I hate cooking and it’s the last thing I want to spend any time doing. It also sucks that whenever you go out and eat someplace you never know the quality of the meat they’re using.

      Knowing all about our food and water can drive you crazy. Public water is filled fluoride and other toxins. Medications seep into the sewage and make it into the water. Just taking a drink out of a water fountain in the park is like chugging a chemical cocktail. It’s not a pleasant thought that with every gulp you intake small traces of blood thinners, pesticides, anti depressants, and god knows what else.

      The other day I saw a bag of Doritos. I thought… mmm, Doritos. I remembered all the good times eating those chips. Subway Club with Doritos… then you find out the meat is filled with all kinds of crap and comes from tortured animals. The Doritos are filled with MSG which excites and destroys your brain cells not to mention being linked to cancer. The soda is filled with high fructose corn syrup which screws with your body chemistry and contributes significantly to weight gain.

  2. Yeah I found some exotic root beer recently that is made with old fashioned cane sugar and doesn’t have any of the weird chemical crap in it, so I got some. But guess what? It’s like 2 dollars per bottle.

    The pure Alaskan milk was $5 per gallon.

    Most of the healthy food out there is expensive. It’s sortof like a social engineering experiment that pushes poor people into fatness and death while allowing those with almighty green to live…somewhat… and only if they’re educated enough to buy intelligently.

    Yeah you’re right, the only real solution is to prepare your own food and to take it even further, to GROW it yourself too… but if we do that then we’re right back in the trap of worrying about food all the time and not being able to do much of anything important.

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