Life Is A Self-Realization

There’s been a certain set of thoughts running through my head over the past several months which I can’t seem to get out of my head.  I think the entire point of life is to discover our own potential and what we’re capable of doing.

In very strange sense every possibility already exists.  Say I pick up a guitar.  I don’t know how to play the instrument at all, but I can very easily imagine myself moving my fingers and hands in such a way that I would play the most amazing melody — a song nobody has ever heard before.   I know how to control my hands and fingers and that’s all I need.

Every song that can possibly be played already exists, it’s just a matter of a human stumbling upon it by moving his arms and hands in just the right way.   He strums the guitar, a sound is produced, he hears the sound and his brain in the form of memory records that experience; then we say we “discovered” or “wrote” a piece of music.

Every novel that could possibly be written already exists.  If I sat here on my computer and just happened to type words in that specific order, that novel would come into “existence”.

I’ve noticed that with every book I read the only thing the knowledge does for me is illuminate new possibilities to experience, and how to conduct myself to bring about different realities.   Even when I learn about the past it too changes how I conduct myself in the present.

This principle is strange to think about.  Every invention already exists.  If I just happened to move my body in just the right way, grabbing this component, then that component, and put it all together just like so, it would come into existence.

My friend Greg and I used to talk about mp3s and how every set of 1s and 0s already exists, and every song which exists, and even songs which haven’t yet been written, could be played through the computer speakers. If you had unlimited time, and you had the computer just randomly spit out 1s and 0s to a file and then play the audio, in time you’d hear every possible song.

Every computer game has already been written.  It’s just a matter of putting the 1s and 0s together.  Every image has already been drawn.  Every painting has already been painted.  Every food dish has already been prepared.

In this same fashion anything could theoretically be built and constructed – a device which cures cancer, a machine which can turn water directly into usable energy, a wormhole which could transport us to a parallel dimension.  It all could theoretically be built, if you only put the components together in the right way.

The thing is, I don’t understand what I’m capable of doing, and that’s the problem.  As I keep reading all these books in my study and learn new things, each new bit of knowledge reveals a new possibility path, all of which are sprouting from my current location, diverging from me like light-rays from a star.  But before I learned the things I read, those paths didn’t exist.  I had never thought of them.

One way of looking at it is we can choose who we want to be in life, for good of ill.  Another way to think on the same thing is we bring to consciousness a possibility which has always existed yet we just come to a sort of self-realization.  Maybe the distinction is just word-play and linguistic, but I think the latter interpretation is a much more positive outlook on life.

I think our studies in Physics are revealing that any reality is possible.  In a sense that’s just wordplay because we don’t know which realities should be brought into existence, and all the means to do so.  But in a weird way, all the equations point toward infinite variability, or at the very least, a general framework in which countless universes could be constructed.

But another key point to realize in this endeavor is that humans do not care much about experiencing new things.  We care about experiencing things which accord with our nature.  Our brains and limbic system are responsible for the emotional coloring and interpretation of the events we experience.

When you see a work of art and think, “Wow that’s amazing”, it’s your brain that thinks it’s amazing.  Somehow that painting resonates in your brain in such a way which brings about pleasure and joy.

Humans don’t care about infinite variety.  There’s an infinite number of trash dumps we could create, yet nobody cares to experience such places.  If the universe was a giant trash dump with a small paradise in the center, I’m not sure if mankind would care to venture beyond its borders.

Humans care about select realities.  The universe forms us into a physical existence, and certain experiences bring about joy and pleasure within us.   Our physical bodies were given to us by reality, and those determine in large degree what we like and don’t like.

A self realization is when one of these new paths are opened to us.

You may think that filtering out select paths from all possible paths limits our possibilities of who we can be and what realities we can construct, but it doesn’t.  Infinity is infinity.  There’s still an infinite number of paths available.  Infinity is unaffected by addition and subtraction.  Infinity isn’t really a number, but vaguely speaking, infinity minus 100,000,000,000 is still infinity.

I think when it comes to quantum mechanics and the collapse of the wave function, this set of ideas I’m talking about is not fully understood.   Our current thought framework comes from philosophers and long chains of thought dating back thousands of years in antiquity.  Even so, it will be replaced in time.   Future generations will view us as witchdoctors, just as we now view the ancients.  “How could they think something so primitive?”

They’ll read the history books and see people trying to leave behind “legacies.”  They’ll say amongst themselves, “How silly.  All realities have always existed.”  They’ll learn how consciousness and physical reality meld together, and how it becomes embodied.   They’ll think, “All those past realities could in theory all be brought back into existence.  It’s all just compressed energy, and see, we can do this and that and compress this energy into atoms of that form and state.”  They’ll know how parallel realities flow and meld together, and how we move from one moment to the next and what that really means.

Research going on in the Large Hadron particle-collider and in astrophysics is more than just science.  That stuff is self realization.  You start to see a deeper reality behind your everyday experiences.

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