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Some Reflections On Violence

For years I’ve held the mindset that nature is cruel and needlessly puts us into combat with one another in a struggle over resources while only the fittest survive.  Upon learning some new things I’ve found out there’s more to … Continue reading

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Sad But True…

Bertrand Russell wrote this in 1949 in his book Authority And The Individual.  I thought it worth sharing: “In the modern world, and still more, so far as can be guessed, in the world of the near future, important achievement … Continue reading

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Life Is A Self-Realization

There’s been a certain set of thoughts running through my head over the past several months which I can’t seem to get out of my head.  I think the entire point of life is to discover our own potential and … Continue reading

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Your Brain And Consciousness

I promised quite a while ago that I’d write about the brain and the nature of consciousness.  When I went to write this entry the first time it got so complicated I abandoned the attempt.  This time I’m not going … Continue reading

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What’s In Your Inbox?

I love checking my email.  Why?  Because I have all kinds of fun things delivered to me everyday!  Things so imaginative I could never have thought of them on my own.  Seriously, it’s stuff like this that makes life worth … Continue reading

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