Climategate – Global Warming A Big Hoax?

About two weeks ago a hacker broke into one of the head research centers (Climate Research Unit or CRU for short) for global warming, and intercepted over a thousand of their personal emails and released them to the internet.  The emails show massive corruption.  Data has been manipulated, tampered with, and deleted.  Lies are being told.  And from the emails it is obvious that politics and vested special interests have gotten into the global warming arena, distorting solid science.

Here is a video clip from Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, reporting the event:

Keith Olbermann is claiming Fox News made up the entire “Climategate” affair.  Just a basic Google search, or inquiry into Wikipedia will tell you the emails are genuine.  Olbermann’s “attack” is just more of the “liberal” media attacking the “conservative” media, and creating the false left/right paradigm.  They get people fighting one another instead of truly looking into the issue and analyzing the information.  According to Wikipedia, all the emails which have leaked were confirmed to be genuine by the head director of the CRU.

But mainstream news is worthless.  I never watch it because they always seem to be pushing an agenda of some sort, or  attempting to create false conflicts between me and the man next door.  Science, by its empirical nature,  unites people in opinion.  If the data is firm, then the opinions are firm.  If the data is weak, then the opinions are weak.  This is how science operates.  The global warming debate is far from over, but mainstream news seems convinced they know the answer.  Fox News is certain it’s a hoax, and MSNBC seems certain that man-made global warming exists.

Here’s Olbermann’s clip:

What the “Climategate” emails mostly seem to show is honest discussion between colleagues, but their deletion and distortion of data is disturbing, to say the least.

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