Phillips Technology Turns Human Skin Into TV Screen

Phillips now has technology where they can put nano-chips onto a silk screen and embed the screen into the top layer of your skin.  Then your entire exterior can become a sort of computer screen capable of “dynamic tattoos”, displays of body statistics on demand, such as your health, blood pressure, and more.

I don’t think it’s going to be very long before technology begins to replace all aspects of the human body.  The other day I was out walking with my brother Rusty, and I was talking to him about how I foresee human beings eventually merging with technology.

I imagine that if we had a time machine, and warped a thousand years into the future — maybe possibly even a few hundred years — human beings would be vastly different than they are now.  I foresee microchips implanted into the brain, improving memory, and thinking power.  I think these chips will be capable of downloading information from a central computer, which contains all human knowledge.  Learning through books will become obsolete.

I think today learning through books is far too slow.  I read probably 8 hours a day, and even with all the reading I do, there’s simply far too much information for me to cover.  Even if I study every waking hour.  And even when I study subjects, if I don’t use the material, I forget a lot of the details.  It’s ridiculous.  If there was technology that made my memory photographic, and I could download information .. I’d be up for it in a second.

When technology reaches that stage, everyone will know everything.  There will be no such thing as specialties, or going to college, or school. Nobody will waste time relearning things others have already learned.  They’ll always be creating something new, and we’ll become creative beings, living in imagination and creating our dreams, and simply enjoying life, instead of toiling away, and rehashing ground someone else has already covered.  No more dull jobs, and doing tedious repetitive work.

It will probably become like Star Trek, where food is created from energy, and materialized on demand.  We’ll live to see how far we can go, and how much we can create and accomplish.  If we’re hungry, we’ll just browse a computer, select what we want, and then it just sort of appears in front of us.  Later, technology would eventually replace that, and we’d probably run on some sort of high tech energy source which disintegrates atoms into raw energy, which is used by a sort of “cyborg” body.  But I doubt the “cyborg” body will be junky and huge, heavy, and metallic.  I’m sure we’d still be able to eat and taste, but food would simply disintegrate when entering our “stomach”, and converted into pure energy.

We’d be nothing like “terminators”.  It wouldn’t be clunky.  The technology which enhances our bodies will be so advanced it’ll be far slicker and smaller than the sleekest cell phone.  I foresee everything being extensions to the human body, not replacements.  Skin would still be soft, and we’d be warm.  Thing is, we’d implant technology where we no longer need coats, or ever need to sweat.  Technology would regulate our body temperature.  We’d rid ourselves from dependence on oxygen, and could travel to any planet — even ones of extreme heat, and extreme cold.  We’d require no special suits.  We’d rid ourselves of the bacterias which produce bad breath and body odor.  We’d rid ourselves of sweating, and needing to take showers.

We’ll probably eventually rid ourselves of internal organs as we know them now.  Get rid of our heart, and probably replace it with something that never plugs up.  Lungs and breathing would go away.  We’d enter a world where diet doesn’t matter, and we never gain weight.  No such thing as diabetes, or heart attacks.  No shortness of breath.

I think with time they’ll implant small chips into our arms and legs which somehow nullify gravity, and can use energy to exert forces.  We’d be able to fly just by thinking, and it’d come just as natural as walking.  We could lift massive objects with little effort.

I think biologists will discover all the genes related to our violent instincts, and they’ll be genetically purged.  We’ll all be kind, peaceful people.

We’d probably wormhole our ways to wherever we wanted to go in our sections of the colonized universe.  Or maybe we’d hold a sort of device, similar to a cell phone, but which could warp us to new locations that we specify.

It’ll be a different world, for sure.  A lot of people these days are into the whole “2012”, “end of the world” thing.  It seems to me that 2012 is a roundabout number where human kind begins to experiment integrating with technology, and transcends “life” as we currently know it.  Maybe that is the sort of new age we’re entering.

Super high tech bodies which never age, never get sick, never get tired, and are extremely difficult to injure.  Sounds awesome to me.  I firmly believe we need to take control of our future.  So far, our bodies have been created almost randomly by evolution, but now it’s time for us to take our lives into our own hands.  I hope I get to see technology like this develop during my lifetime, and possibly even take part in creating things which enhance our lives.

I hear people oftentimes argue, “If technology did everything, what we do with ourselves?”   I think that’s a dumb question.  The universe is infinite and beyond anyone’s comprehension.  If you want to stay a “normal” human, and live your days struggling to survive, fighting off sickness, and working a mindless job on an assembly line, or mopping floors — go for it.  But as for me, and a lot of others, we want to know what’s out there, and explore this vast cosmos, and the parallel alternate realities which exist beside us.

People will have to slowly change the way they view reality.  If you spend your time studying physics, like I do, you’ll realize that how reality works right now is in no way how it has to work.  Most everything we hate can be cured through science.  And we can continually expand our possibilities and rid ourselves of most, if not all limitations.

The thing I don’t understand, however, is what becomes of “identity.”  I could imagine technology embedded into our skin, and we could literally have any skin color we want.  Maybe even with time, we’ll be able to have any body appearance we want using some sort of solid-holographic like technology.  Look like anyone or anything for that matter.  Your voice can sound like anything you want it to.

Really, that all comes down to how consciousness enters the physical body.  That, I don’t know.  That’s the real ringer.  I don’t know how intimate that relationship is.

I think what we’re coming to is an age where we see ourselves as one.  Identity will go away, I think.  Identity will be viewed as a sort of mask.  Like a costume and you’re playing a role in a play.  Life might well become like a video game, where you change your body based on what task or role you’re playing.   You can experience any life you want.  Possibly navigate parallel worlds and dimensions set up for various experiences.  Entire universes which are nothing more than vast amusement parks for our pleasure.  Today we change clothes based on the social function.  Later, maybe we’ll change entire bodies.

I think video games are simply primitive precursors to alternate realities we’ll be constructing in the universe.  There’ll be no distinction between fun and work.  Life will be simply about experiences and living.

I sometimes wonder if alien beings are so advanced that they live that sort of life already.  Sometimes I wonder if prior to being born I “chose” to live in this reality, and was born for the express purpose of changing how things work here.  When I do finally die, I go back to some infinite well of life, sort of like a spirit world, but which doesn’t resemble human existence whatsoever.  I also think the “Jason” life I’m living now can be lived an infinite number of times.  Death seems to me to be an illusion.

In physics energy is always conserved.  It never goes away.  And all matter is simply compressed energy.  So I don’t see why I couldn’t reform this same body I’m in now,  and reform this same exact universe, and live this same life again. If we understood that relationship between consciousness and matter well enough, it seems a logical possibility.

I think the sorts of questions I’m asking now will eventually be answered, possibly within a few generations.  Maybe I’m way off base, but really I don’t know.  I look forward to what the future brings.  I’m sure it’ll be beyond anything I’ve ever thought about — such as the human body being a sort of screen which can display things.  NEVER thought of that.  I’m sure there’ll be countless other things just like this, expanding possibilities of what we could do, if we wish it.

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