An Island Of Plastic Garbage

I’ve heard there are large quantities of plastic garbage floating around in the oceans and that it’s been causing problems in the ecosystems.   But what I didn’t know is that there’s an island of plastic garbage, twice the size of Texas, floating way out in the Pacific.  Unbelievable.

I fear for humanity’s future.  Not only do we have to worry about destroying ourselves in a nuclear holocaust, but now we’ve polluted the environment to such an extent that we have islands of trash floating about.  Fish and other wildlife are consuming these small plastic particles, and later down the food chain we’re eating the fish.   Indirectly, we end up consuming these plastic particles which are linked to all kinds of health related issues in us, as the plastics are toxic when consumed.  It leads to diabetes, miscarriages during childbirth, and more.

And this is just one of many issues.  Take the agricultural world.  Pesticides are being dumped on all our crops, which is slowly seeping its way into our water supplies.  Factories and cars are pumping out smog and other CO2 waste into the atmosphere, which many scientists believe causes global warming, and could destroy the planet.  We’re constantly wiping out our rainforests, which are a huge source of oxygen for the planet, which we breathe.  Our foods are filled with preservatives, which are not good for us.  Drug companies, nursing homes, hospitals, and other institutions are flushing drugs of all kinds down the toilet and into sewage systems, which are also making it into our water supplies.  Even people who take medications, their waste contains traces of the pills they’re taking, which makes it into the water.

The environment is going to have to become an issue of paramount importance to everyone.  The big corporations, for short term profits, want cheap ways to discard their waste, and want to keep us ignorant of everything that’s going on.  Thing is, these issues are too crucial to be avoided, or lied about.  There will come a day of reckoning.  We have to change, or we won’t be able to live on planet Earth.

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