New Zealand Apparently Needs 9 Billion From Us

Mass foreclosures across the country, Social Security and Medicare going bankrupt, unemployment is on the rise, and they tell us we have no money for health-care or paying for student’s college education.  That’s what the corporate owned news media tells us.  But… what is this?  The Federal Reserve hands European central bankers $500 BILLION dollars?  New Zealand gets 9 BILLION dollars?  We’re supposedly on the verge of bankruptcy and in a crisis of a magnitude greater than that of the Great Depression, yet we have an extra $500 Bs sitting around, ready to hand out on a whim?

And listen to Bernanke.  He acts like us handing $500 billion to European banks is no big deal.  Has no effect on us whatsoever.  It’s of such little consequence to him that he doesn’t even know the banks it went to.  This sort of thing just disgusts me.  No cost to American credit?

But wait, if Obama didn’t do his big stimulus spending to all the big banks, the entire economy would have collapsed!  So we open up the New York Times, or view it on the web, and we see pictures like these:

Bank BailoutsTarp Chart

This is the big TARP funds the news got us all worked up over.  $250 billion!  It’s a LOT of money.  Eventually the TARP funds will go up toward $700 billion.   I read in another news site (I think it was that the TARP funds have become a sort of “grab bag” for all sorts of bail-outs, and may go up to something like $3 trillion!  (These numbers are insane).  That’s to supposedly “save our economy”.  Then we give $500 Bs  to foreign bankers, and Bernanke is just like, “Oh, 500 billion?  Yeah, happens all the time.  Sometimes there’s little kinks here and there in currency exchange, have to do some swaps, you know…  We have to modify interest rates around, and all of that complex stuff us bankers do.” Printing up 500 billion to stabilize the dollar.  *rolls eyes*

You can probably guess where all this money comes from… cooked up out of thin air.  This fake money is lent to New Zealanders for interest to impoverish them, just like they’re impoverishing us.

I REALLY want Ron Paul’s bill to Audit the Federal Reserve to pass.  This sort of thing  can’t continue any longer.  We have a private bank able to print up money as they please, and they’re out of control.

One thought on “New Zealand Apparently Needs 9 Billion From Us”

  1. The Money the Fed loans out is not real money its credit. (credit default swaps)Created from fresh air. $500 billion dollars from nothing.

    Unfortunately they cant use this credit in there own country because their economy is bankrupt by credit so they need real money to turn a negative into a positive.

    The Fed loans it out to countries like New Zealand so they have to pay back the loan and interest from tax payers blood, sweat and tears. (The real money)

    Basically they a laundering dirty fake not real money (credit) of no value and turning it in real money when these Countries start making payment into the Feds coffers.

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