Encounters With An Alien Civilization

Imagine we construct a craft, and make a voyage out into the stars and encounter an alien civilization.  Knowing nothing about them, we watch and observe them from the skies, using stealth technology, and catalog their behavior.

First we encounter a large structure they’ve erected into the air and along the top we find some sort of symbol.  We covertly enter the structure, hovering in their midst, but invisible, and watch them.  We see them huddled up within the building, walking in circles, grunting.  We watch as they seem to be taking turns dipping their heads into a pool of liquid, and then they roll on the ground.

We glance upward to see there is a higher level to the building, where these same alien beings roll on the ground, like dogs.  In the center of the room is a large statue, which resembles both the alien species we’re observing, as well as other species we’ve encountered on the planet as well.

We decide to make our first contact, so we send down a holographic image of ourselves, and walk into the room.  Half of them run in panic, some start rolling on the ground in front of us, and others start jumping to attack.

Seeing we’re not getting anywhere, and not wanting to cause trouble, we disappear, and return to stealth observation.

Next we fly around within the proximity of this structure and find much smaller structures, each containing a small group of the alien species.  The structures are much less elaborate.

We do more observing and find another large structure.  Inside we find more of the alien beings.  Their grunts are far more complicated, they have tablets in front of them with carvings and symbols, but we have no idea what the tablets have written on them.

We decide this building seems to be of some importance, so we watch it closely.  We find the alien beings bringing some metallic substance to the building.

With more thorough observation we come to learn that this metallic substance is used to purchase the things the aliens need to survive.  We find most of metallic substance hoarded within the large building, and is distributed and managed by the beings there.

We find that their life necessities, such as food, and other substances, do not easily come about by natural causes.  So we find other structures which produce this food, and other substances.  It takes very few alien beings to manage this process, and most of it is automated.  The aliens bring the metallic substance and insert it into the machine, and then they are allowed temporary access into the structure, which gives them a small portion of various food substances, which they then carry off with them.

We then follow several of the alien beings to their much smaller home dwellings, and observe them there.  We observe one home where two alien beings live together.  During certain times we watch them leave the home, and go off to another structure somewhere, where they do some menial and pointless operation.

One alien would carve some symbol onto little tablets.  Others did some repetitive task over and over, on a sort of assembly line, the end product being some stone shaped like a species on their planet, and other trivial objects.

We then watch as the alien beings load up these trivial objects into cart vehicles where they’re driven to the structure we encountered earlier, where they inserted the metallic substances.

After the beings left there, they went back home where we watch them slip on little helmets.  There they would sit for hours and hours, and do absolutely nothing.  Curious as to what these helmets were, we wait until they leave their home, and we analyzed them.  We come to find out the helmets broadcast “thought waves” to them.  Curious as to what is being broadcast to them, we decipher the encoded messages.

We find a great deal of it is transmissions of images and sounds which have to do with their reproductive process.  At other times it’s broadcasts of them grunting various things.

We then decide to decipher their language, and find out that the transsmisions within the helmet is an alien being telling them there is vast shortages in their food supplies and other subtances, and that the rest of the aliens are going to have to do without, and hope for a better tomorrow.  There’s a massive recession, and it can’t be helped.

We then go back to the structure producing the food substances, and find there’s no malfunction whatsoever.  The only real shortage is in distribution of the metalic substance, which is completely hoarded within the structure we encountered earlier.

We come to find out the structure with all the metal substance hoarding is a sort of bank.  We come to find out there’s a vast elaborate system as to how this metallic substance is distributed.  Strangely though, we find most all of it sits in the structure.

We decide to listen in on more transmissions coming through the helmets.  One alien being rails on how other alien beings producing a particular trivial object do not deserve the metalic substance.  Then another alien broadcasts through the helmet, and says the other alien beings producing a different trivial object do not deserve the metalic substance.

We decide to take a more thorough investigation of these beings, and watch them more closely.  We come to find out that most of the beings living together in pairs have extremely complicated reproductive processes.  Sometimes they roll on the grounds beside each other.  Other times they yank one another heads.  Other times they grunt prostrated before the other.  And sometimes they bring little trivial objects home and give them to the other.

After initial inspection we deduce this to be a complex reproductive process, but we wonder why it varies so much from alien to alien.  We come to find out that the alien beings are very sensitive to their reproductive process, and most all of them have their own views on how the process should happen.

Since the processes vary so much from being to being, we find they’re rarely ever appeased.  Too much grunting.  Not enough grunting.  Too much rolling.  Not enough rolling.  Too many trivial objects.  Not enough trivial objects.  And so it goes on.  In fact, we find that over 60% of their helmet broadcasts are related to proper rituals during their reproductive process.

We find they rarely stay together more than a year or two.  About 70% of them leave and find another alien being.  So they’re continually entering and leaving these relationships, and changing dwellings.

They have an elaborate process where they fight near tooth and nail, within an arena, for who will get the trivial objects which are currently stored in their home, upon separation.

After observing this area within their planet for some time we decide to visit other areas of the planet, to see if things vary.  We find their species has evolved, and there are very minor genetic variations of their species on the planet.  Some have slightly different outer shell colors, others have minor differences in shapes of sensory organs, but overall, they’re 99.9999999999999999999999999% identical.

But we find each of them has a different broadcast station which their helmets are linked to.  The helmets in one area of the planet are telling the aliens there that the other aliens are evil, and plotting to steal their food substance.  They’re told the other aliens are jealous of how good they’re living.  Therefore in defense they must invade the other aliens, and subjugate them.  The foreign government must be structured like their own or else they will be in continual danger.

So periodically we find the alien beings go to war with one another, fighting for various causes.  Sometimes they fight for their culture, which is nothing but a minor variation of the culture we find elsewhere on the planet.  Sometimes for the pride of their nation, and some sort of sovereignty of their borders.  Other times they’re manipulated into fighting one another by the controllers of the helmet broadcast stations, and we see various individual aliens benefitting greatly from selling the aliens weapons.  These aliens end up with huge stockpiles of metallic substance.

No matter where we look, we find that 999,990 out of a million aliens live this life.  We can summarize their lives as follows:  They do some trivial labor, producing trivial objects, to get metalic substance, which they use then to purchase the trivial things others produce, and also buy their food.  The vast majority of their minds are almost exclusively dedicated to worthless reproductive rituals, and since most of them can never get the rituals quite right, they satisfy themselves through the helmets.  They shift from home to home, and from time to time have little children in their own image whenever the reproductive cycle actually goes through.  Children are constantly changing homes, because the families continually separate.  Every now and then, they may travel to the other nations on their planet, but this rarely happens, because they can rarely acquire enough metalic substance to make it happen.

We begin to wonder how intelligent the beings are, but from what we’ve seen, we don’t judge them to be very bright.  We do wonder however, who built the machines which dispense the food substance, and who designed the helmets?  These things seem to show a fairly sophisticated level of technology, and we infer someone of their race must have built them.

After watching near everyone, we find that hardly anyone understands anything.  Amazingly, we come to find out that the helmets can be tuned to various other stations, which transmit knowledge of how all their technology, such as electricity, engineering, and other forms of physics and astronomy — how it all works, in depth.  After watching the broadcasts for ourselves, we come to find out that they know a lot of things!

We find broadcasts telling how all their metallic substance is hoarded in the bank building, and that things should be changed to a new economic structure.  We find that there’s broadcasts telling of technology which would completely change the face of their entire planet!

But we find that near everyone instead sits in their homes, and tunes into stations broadcasting various political lies which enrich small sections of their population, and near all the rest is reproductive rituals.  As for the rest of their time, it’s spent producing trivial objects at what I suppose we could consider their “jobs”.

Curious, we scour the planet searching for the aliens who may be searching for knowledge.  We find one!  Wait, there’s a small group of them, congregated in a structure.  We find sophisticated machinery, and they’re calculating the orbits of the bodies in their solar system.  Another is running electric current through various substances, and is writing down various symbols.  Another seems to be working on an engine of some sort.  Another is working on a time keeping device, based on electricity.  Another is building a radar like device.  We come to find there’s various small outposts placed over the planet, which research science.

We decide to watch them closely.  After a while we notice that they don’t act like the others.  They seem uninterested in the reproductive rituals.  They rarely put on the helmets, and even when they do, they’re tuned into science and technology related broadcasts.  We deduce that these individuals must be responsible for the progress we’ve seen on the planet thus far.

But something happens.  We periodically watch mobs of the aliens destroy the science buildings, and the scientists are confined within various structures, which we deduce to be prisons.  We’re interested to see why, so continue to observe.

Some are accused of subverting the alien’s beliefs.  They promote ideas of a more equitable distribution of the food, and getting rid of the metallic substance system.  This is considered treason against the state, and the helmets broadcast messages telling the other aliens that these scientists are not patriotic.

We also find them being locked up for other reasons.  We start to learn about their beliefs. We come to figure out that the first building we encountered was a religious building.  The scientists are ridiculed, and are given very little metallic substance, because they refuse to roll before Jahaeel, their eternal emperor.

We watch one scientist researching genetics, and we anticipate he will soon create cures for various ailments which their race suffers from.  But the Jahaeel followers soon storm his little structure, and tell him to stop researching, because genetics is a sacred subject, only to be dealt with by Jahaeel, the creator of their planet and species.

Overall, most of the scientists live in relative poverty, and are considered eccentric by the other aliens, and are only respected in a superficial way.  They’re despised because don’t take part in the reproductive rituals, or follow the political creeds coming through the helmets. They’re typically not religious, and don’t take part in those rituals either.  They’re accused that they haven’t learned how to “live”.

We make other interesting observations.  Their new science beliefs flow in strange cycles.  At first new ideas are ridiculed, and persecuted.  The founders of subjects are sometimes even executed.  Then later, after a long struggle, the next generation of their species slowly accepts the ideas, and the technology is finally implemented, though reluctantly.  Then a short while later it’s praised beyond bounds, and the forefathers who persecuted the science are ridiculted as idiots.  But then we watch this same generation persecuting the scientists of their own time, repeating the same exact mistake.  This cycle repeats itself over and over and over, and the ones responsible for near all prosperity their society experiences are ridiculed their entire lives, most of them in poverty.

On the other hand, rather worthless individuals are given vast quantities of metallic substance, and are idolized.  Sometimes it’s the “experts” in the love rituals.  Other times it’s the bankers and other political elites, who do nothing at all for anyone.  Others are the entertainers, who roll on the ground, and grunt in some way they consider skillful.

If you haven’t caught onto this little thought experiment so far, I’m not talking about aliens.  I’m talking about us.  This is human existence.  The beings I’ve been talking about are humans, not aliens.  This is how aliens would see us, not vice versa.

The helmets are televisions, computers, and cell phones.  Jahaeel is Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and all the rest.  The banks in our world as just like they are in this experiment.  This whole “economic depression”, with Obama telling us to “hope for tomorrow” and rough it out, is no different.  The Earth’s resources are plentiful.  It’s not like corn and other vegetables won’t grow, just because we have a stupid economic system that doesn’t work.  But somehow, people struggle to get a gallon of milk, or a bowl of oatmeal.  The cow utters just ain’t crankin’ out the milk like they used to.  The oats just ain’t sprouting this year.  Sorry guys!  So stupid.  It’s all made up.

And the helmets, which could be used to broadcast all of our technology and other great things, is used instead for worthless nonsense such  mindless reality TV, and propaganda.  The majority of websites on the internet is all porn, and literal trash.  Just junk webpages.  Huge email broadcasts of SPAM, with people hoping that they’ll sell penis pills, and fake watches, and earn themselves a little “metallic substance”, so they can go buy themselves some trivial object.

Almost all of our jobs today are worthless wastes of time.  Not all, but most.  I’d say at least 70% of all jobs. I remember when I was a network administrator for a medical clinic.  They had an entire room filled with people.  Nearly 3/4 of their staff.  75 out of the 100 people that worked there.  ALL they did was make X’s on a piece of medical paperwork, and ship it off to some organization, hoping to get paid some money.  Then the insurance companies would cause a stink, shipping back the paperwork that it wasn’t filled out right, and so they’d trade these papers back and forth, back and forth.  That’s one of the main reasons I quit there.  I’m not wasting my life doing that garbage.  The doctors there, and the nurses were the only ones with real value, but half of them are so encumbered in stupid regulation and paperwork they can’t even treat patients anymore.

For some reason, because we’re humans doing this, we think there’s some sort of cleverness and dignity to it.  But after the thought experiment thinking about aliens doing the same thing, making little X’s on tablets, don’t you see how stupid it all is?

Walk into Wal-Mart and just look around.  It’s just a giant rummage sale.  Filled with garbage.  Nothing in that store has any real value, besides the food, and half of that is filled with poisoned preservatives, because the big corporations want to make more “metallic substance”.

You won’t find copies of engineering texts, technology, or anything of any real value in those stores.  The books on their shelves are Oprah and Dr. Phil, teaching love rituals, and how to collect yourself some metallic substance.  You won’t find a copy of Einstein’s book on relativity, but you’ll be sure to get the latest cd from Miley Cyrus, and Demi Lovato, or whatever her name is.

I go into YouTube and it’s just stupid crap.  Some girl showing how to do make-up (ritual).  Some Fred kid in a high pitched voice being stupid.  SxePhil telling about some movie he watched.  Dig a little bit and you’ll find yourself a no talent music video of a rapper.  How many videos actually teach you things that are useful?  *crickets start to chirp*.  There is none.

I should take that back.  There IS valuable content on YouTube, though it’s basically considered trash.  In fact, even when you go to watch it, because they get so few views, they host the content on crappy servers, which stream the content to you so slowly, you have to leave it downloading overnight for the video to be ready to watch.  (I’m exaggerating a bit, but I seriously sometimes que up important videos, such as university lectures, and they stream at 20 KB/sec, no joke.  Click on Rihanna’s new video, and it maxes out your connection.)

There are entire lectures from universities posting professors giving entire sets of lectures on how the economy operates.  Thirty lectures, telling all about monetary policy, banking, indepth takes on everything going on, and why people struggle to get money.  How many hits?  Maybe 200 to a 1000.  Not many more than the people who were in attendance at the university when the lecture was being delivered.  And I don’t doubt that 3/4 of those views were probably partial views, only seeing maybe 5 minutes, then hitting the ‘Back’ button. How many hits does “Fred” have, running around acting stupid?  Millions.

Just watch music videos on YouTube, and listen to the radio.  Every song is a love song, and they sing about their rituals.  The country songs think love works this way, and they describe how things go down with them.  The rock bands have their love songs, which tell about their rituals.  There’s the punk bands.  Some it’s about owning everything, and handing your lover the world on a silver platter.  Others it’s about enjoying the world together, side by side, at the sunset.  Others it’s enjoying the normal everyday life together.  A bunch of rituals.

U.C. Berkeley has an entire series on the energy crises, and all the different forms of energy.  In-depth take, talking all about geothermal, solar, hydroelectric, coal, and other technologies, how they all work, problems they face, how far they’ve been implemented, their costs. EVERYTHING.  How many views?  *crickets start chirping*.  Not even a thousand.

MIT professors have posted their lectures on astronomy, physics, and even quantum mechanics.  How many views?  Maybe 1000.  The only thing that makes our world operate is science, and NOBODY cares to learn it.  People’s minds are so primitive.

Do I even need to go into the news?  Do I?  Do I even need to mention Fox News?  I’m not even going to go there.  It’s just terrible.  These news networks are hate machines.  Causing universial paranoia and hatred worldwide.  Lying to us about our economic situation, and always telling us to “hope for tomorrow”.  It’s all bullshit.  The same bankers who keep screwing us, and the same big corporations running the government, are the same ones dishing out that “news”.  Why do we watch them?  I don’t know.  *shakes head*

Today, after I get done with this post, and put it up on my site, I’ll be studying how to do conformal maps, doing Calculus operations with complex imaginary numbers, so I can solve various differential equations used in electrical engineering.  I wonder what the world would be like if the majority of people were studying things like this?  If you turned on your TV and that was what was on.  If instead of “get rich” infomercials, violence, and sex, they taught us science.  If instead of shallow love rituals, we learned how to better our world, and build technology which made all our lives better…. What kind of world would we have?  Think it over.

We wouldn’t have any disease.  Nobody would be hungry.  Nobody in Africa would be living in huts, and without clean water to drink.  We wouldn’t be pumping tons of pollution into our atmosphere, or chopping down our forests.  We wouldn’t have any more wars.  Poverty would be eradicated.  Oppressive government would completely end.

ALL of that stuff only exists because people are stupid.  ALL of it.  It only continues to exist because hardly anyone reads books.  Hardly anyone ever studies.  People have such potential, but it’s wasted.  Their minds are just consumed with nonsense.

If people studied the world, and lived to better it, I’d say that 95% of all depression would end.  Most all of that is self-generated through selfishness and overall stupidity.  Half of the love rituals are just idiotic, and needlessly complicated, besides being completely shallow.  I’m not saying love itself is useless, or relationships are useless, but they’re FAR from all there is in the world.

People see a shallow world, because their mind is focused on shallow things.  But the world is infinite, vast, and fascinating, far beyond what most people will ever comprehend (sadly).  Too many people spend their lives thinking about nothing but reproducing, the trivialities of their jobs, and the made up fights and artificial problems going on in the world of politics.  It’s no wonder they hate life.  If they’d open up, and see the vast universe out there, and learned how things worked, they’d lose interest in all this other junk.

Just the other day I was with my grandpa, and he was talking about relationships to me.  He started talking about my late grandmother, and asked me, “What else is there?”  Finding someone to love, to him, is all there is.  But there’s so much more!  He needs to watch Carl Sagan’s Cosmos videos.  Countless worlds we haven’t even begun to explore.  It’s likely that there’s billions of planets, full of life, of every sort.  There’s probably also parallel dimensions, and an infinite beauty to explore.

But he’s impossible to talk to about anything with any depth.  At a family dinner on a Sunday afternoon, I mentioned a little tid-bit of what Obama’s economic policies and spending will do to the country.  Then he said something about the Antichrist, and end times, and how these sorts of things are inevitable anyway.  The whole conversation drifted away to something else mindless, like the weather, and I just sat there, bored out of my mind.

That’s the kind of garbage TBN is telling people.  “Turn off your brains, the end of the world is nigh, Jesus is going to fix it all at the second coming, none of it matters, so don’t worry about it.”  People and their religion.  Just like “Jahaeel” to the aliens.  Makes their minds lethargic, and they just sit back and let themselves be screwed.  Complete abnegation of responsbility to the next generation.  Doesn’t even bother taking a political stance, or caring.  It’s terrible.

I don’t even think that belief is Biblical.  Jesus said to always be on watch, and that no man knows the day, nor the hour of his second coming.  But somehow, these TBN preachers “know” that the end is sometime real soon?  It’s so hard to respect religious people when they don’t even follow the teachings in their own book, or even understand it.  Can’t people even remember the context?  Jesus said he’s going to come back to the Earth, and he’s going to look at what we leave behind.  He’s the master of the household (the world), but is temporarily leaving and has put us in charge, but one day he will return.  When he comes back, will his household be in order?  What sort of world will he find?  Did we leave a beautiful world for our children, and grandchildren?  Did we work hard to learn all we could, and establish what technology and innovation we could during our lifetime, and improve everyone’s lives?  Did we improve the house, making the world a better place, or did we instead contribute to the corruption and evils.  That’s what it means, and it’s so simple and obvious.

The Bible says that a person who doesn’t provide for his own is worse than an infidel.  How much more does that apply to your grandchildren, and great grandchildren, when you pile up unpayable debts on top of them, bankrupt their country, enslave them to creditors and international bankers, and leave them in a mess?  That’s just terrible.  I personally hate religion.

I was out with my friend Dale eating lunch, a few months back.  I mentioned my science studies, and he said, “Yeah, but what are you ever going use it for?”  That’s exactly what I’m talking about.  Somehow if I make money, or build trivial trinkets using the science, then it’s worthwhile.  But understanding how the world around me works, even though I don’t plan to do anything with it?  How useless!  That’s how people think.

And that concludes my thoughts for today.

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  1. Dude – This is what I have mentioned on my FB site.
    “[My name]approves parts of this thesis (not complete thesis) as there are other parameters that this scientist has to ponder upon. Maybe this scientist had pondered upon the subject of ego and intuition. If yes, then possibly space didn’t permit any mention of the same. Anyways, this thesis is entertaining and informative.”

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