Obama And “Prolonged Detentions”

This is ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE.  And I thought the Patriot Act was bad…

Obama just recently gave a speech how he’s going to have the right to throw me or you in jail, INDEFINITELY, for crimes the government thinks we MAY commit.  In other words, CRIMES WE HAVEN’T EVEN DONE YET….

Rachel Maddow reports, just a few days ago, that Obama is creating his own court system, which circumvents our entire current rule of law…  It’s happening, RIGHT NOW.  This isn’t some conspiracy guy on YouTube… This is MSNBC and the New York Times.  Front page stuff.

UNBELIEVABLE.  Impeach Obama.  He is the most evil man I have ever seen.

And giving this speech while in our National Archives, in the very hall where our constitution is stored… Is he blatantly mocking us?

Are the American people’s minds so numb that they’d just let this go on?  I just can’t believe this is happening.  It’s like a bad dream, and everyone is on some sort of “happy drug”, not capable of realizing what’s happening.  A Nazi-like police state is forming here in my beloved country, and people just sit at home, and watch reality TV shows.

Obama posters are all over our schools, with all the young children cheering, “YES WE CAN”… I walk through Wal-Mart and see college students  wearing t-shirts with his face on it.

This is the power of real propaganda.  The masses of people fall for it, hook, line, and sinker.  They don’t even KNOW they’ve been brainwashed.

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