Gotta Love The Fed

I personally believe the Federal Reserve is one of the biggest inhibitors of happiness and prosperity in the developed world.  They’re a private bank, which regulates and controls the financial markets, but has absolutely no checks or balances from our elected officials.  Basically, they do whatever they want, and nobody can say anything.  Is it any wonder why people struggle financially, when a private bank is in control of all our monetary regulation, and has the power to create money?

During all these financial bailouts, and other huge government financial transactions, the Fed has ran off with over a trillion dollars, which as “disappeared”.  Other news reporters and trying to figure out what has happened with the TARP money (Trouble Asset Relief Program — more bailout stuff), but the Fed is not telling what they did with the money.

Here is a congressman asking a member of the Federal Reserve as to what’s going on with all this taxpayer money they’ve been given.  Basically, she gives him the run around.

Like I said before, this “bailout”, and all the other financial madness going on under the Obama administration is flat out robbery.  Trillions of dollars are being stolen, and our country is being pillaged and bankrupted.

For political reasons, Obama has tried to make himself look good in the press by saying he’s “scrubbing” his future budget line by line.  He’s eliminated some 17 billion in spending.  That’s nice, I guess, but what about the trillions that are disappearing, without a trace?   That’s like stealing a loaf of bread, and bringing us back a crumb and saying, “Nothing to worry about.”

I saw Obama on Leno, and he made some comment like, “Looookkk.  Things need to be like they were during the Clinton era.   Those who are making a little more money, need pay a little more in taxes, to pay for the healthcare, education, and other programs.  As for those who make less, they need a tax break.  It’s just fair, and we all have a responsiblity to do what we can.”   But that’s such garbage.   When you see how things actually work, that’s almost irrelevant.  The REAL problem is these big Wall Street bankers, but Obama is not talking about them, because he appointed all of them to run his cabinet.  Tax the American businessmen and entrepreneurs, then hand it all their money over to the super mega rich Wall Street multi billionaires.

What’s really going on is they’ve robbed the poor and middle class of everything they have.  They’ve buried them in debt and credit cards, and have made them slaves.  Now they’re trying to rob those who have saved, and run successful businesses.  They’re going to heavily tax them, while also  stealing their savings by printing up a ton of money, and bombing out the value of the dollar.  As for the money they print up, they’re going to gobble up banks, and other businesses which they weren’t in control of prior — like General Motors.  They oust their CEOs, and put in their goons.

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  1. “…we all have a responsibility to do what we can.”

    This is astonishing. He can’t possibly be serious. Listening to this reminds me of sitting across the dinner table from some dumb girl who only voted for Obama because it was the “cool” thing to do – you know, kinda like how smoking used to be the cool thing to do.

    But just like smoking, Obama can and most likely will ruin lives. As the wealthy people flee America looking for some place better to go, they’ll take most of the best opportunities along with them.

    And since opportunity is what makes/made this country a good place to be, there’ll no longer be any reason to remain living here.

    The “freedom” reason died long ago. Opportunity is all we got left.

    1. You know what’s funny? The news keeps track of two popularity polls for Obama. He has like a 75% approval rating in a “personal” sort of poll. They like Obama as a person. But his approval rating, as to his policies, is like 51%. I mean seriously! How could you approve of a president, but not approve of what he’s doing?

      As for the Gallup poll, as of literally today (May 11th), he has a 66% job approval rating, with only 28% dissenting against him. But as to whether they’re satisfied with what’s going on? 62% hate what’s going on, and only 35% are satisfied. That’s high tech propaganda for you.

      You know how much money 9 TRILLION dollars is? 9 TRILLION. Not billion. TRILLION. Rep. Grayson mentioned 9 TRILLION dollars. Let’s do the math, shall we?

      $9,000,000,000,000 / 304,059,724 = $29,599 per person.

      That’s an average of around 30k for each person in the United States… man, woman and child. Just floating around, nobody knows what happens to it, or where it goes… “No big deal”…

      Since most people are broke, with no savings, and are buried in debt, all this money the Fed is running around with, nobody seems to care. It’s not THEIR money, and the actions the Fed is taking does not affect them. But as for the people who were responsible, with savings… They’re getting destroyed. They’re stealing HUGE sums of money from the minority of those who have been responsible. In other words, they’ve stolen a massive sum of money from the small handful of rich people, who were dumb enough to keep their money in the USA while all this is going on.

      And since most people had no money stolen from THEM, they just think, “OBAMAAAAAAAA, give us free healthcare! OBBAAAMMMMMMAAAA, give us free college tuition! OBAAAAMMAAAAAAA bail out these crappy companies! I don’t want to lose my job!” With whose money? Certainly not theirs, or Obama’s, or his banker buds. Nooo. “The rich”… demonize them, and take their money. Take from the people who provide you your jobs, and give it to Obama and his banker buddies. Remove all incentives to work hard, and give it to the bankers. None of this money that’s being stolen is going to the average person on the street.

      If I knew my money was helping my neighbor next door, who needs food to eat, and some temporary relief, I’d be all for it. I’d gladly help out. But it doesn’t go to them. We have record deficit spending, and our schools are shutting down. I heard of one school, in Florida, where they had to cut all extracurricular activities, and only operate four days a week. STUPID. Where’s all this money going!?

      Yeah… he’s fixing it alright. Fixing it to where no one has any opportunity to do anything. He’s too busy re-inflating the bubble. Too busy making sure costs rise faster than wages. Keep people greedy. Tell them, “Oh no! What would happen if your home value plummeted?” What would happen is you’d dump the old home you’re in (probably be forced to when you file for bankruptcy), and buy a new home for WAYYYYY cheaper, and then have a TON of money every month. Your house or rent payment would drop considerably — to levels it SHOULD BE ANYWAYS. Considering most people have no equity, they wouldn’t lose. It’d be the bankers who would lose. But the bankers are making sure they DON’T lose, which is what these bailouts, stress tests, and everything else is all about. Deflation would drop all these home values, and drop incomes for all those in debt, who would then be forced to default. The value of the dollar would gain tremendously, and those who have saved, and been responsible, would have had it made.

      These bankers who have overextended would all go under. This over-extension is the cause of these asset bubbles, where homes and cars cost insane prices hardly anyone can afford. Our economy and false prosperity is revved up by this huge influx of credit, but the RPM is too high, and the economic engine is overheating, and trying to shut down. But Obama won’t let that happen! He’s going to push it even harder! RECORD SPENDING! RECORD DEFICITS! SPEND SPEND SPEND. BORROW BORROW BORROW. PRINT UP MONEY, PRINT UP MONEY, PRINT UP MONEY.

      If the Fed and these stupid politicians would just leave the system alone, and let things correct themselves, people would start using the money they earned from their paycheck to buy things, instead of credit cards — and prices would drop to levels which makes that actually possible. There’d be a short painful correction, but afterward the standard of living would be exponentially greater.

      I hate the brainwashing. I hate people “making” money by simply holding a home. It’s just inflation, and that same inflation which is supposedly making them rich by “owning” this valuable home, is really what’s making them poor. Inflation keeps rising faster than wages, but propaganda has brainwashed them to think that’s a good thing. To use economics terms, in real terms, they’re losing.

      Here’s something for everyone to think about. Everyone knows that back in the 1950s, you could buy a gallon of gas for literally pennies, and everything else was just as low. But people had less money. They’d make like $40 a week, so they’d have less than a few hundred a month.

      Now the average person makes 20 times that. Average wage is thousands a month. Now here’s what nobody ever thinks about, and it boggles my mind. If money simply exchanges hands, and is never destroyed (outside of wear and tear of physical currency), then where did all this new money come from? When money is spent, one person hands their money over to another person, and the economy functions by people handing this finite amount of money around.

      But wait, if that’s the case, where’d all this new money come from over the past 50 or 60 years? Well, new money must have been created, somewhere. Somehow new currency was introduced into the system, but why, and how?

      Ding ding ding. THE FEDERAL RESERVE ladies and gentlemen. I’d love to introduce you to fractional reserve banking! Those who create money out of thin air, work with the banks, who then loan it out to you for interest. Why? To keep your standard of living lower and lower, and enrich the bankers! It’s social engineering at its finest.

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