Obama And The Patriot Act

For those of you who think think Obama is such a great president, take a look at this.  I hear few people commenting on the fact that he reauthorized the Patriot Act, which allows… this…  (By the way, this is May 2009 – not Bush Administration stuff… This is the Obama administration)

A 16 year old boy is “suspected” of terrorism, Federal agents storm the home with guns, grab the child, and give him no trial whatsoever.  He’s been thrown in a prison, where he’s been detained indefinitely, without trial.   His mother is scared, and has no idea when they’ll let him out, if ever.  The agents found NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER to support their claims that this boy is a “terrorist”.  This is Nazi police state crap, and it’s literally going on here in the good ol’ United States.   Obama purposely reinstated these laws, which he could have abolished.

And what’s next?  A civilian army, which is not subject to Congress, marching around policing the people?  A civilian military as well funded as the strongest military on Earth — with a 400+ BILLION dollar budget each year… and he wants to build a civilian military that powerful, that well funded, but policing the everyday citizen of the United States?  And it’s going to be compulsory for all young people to take part in it, at least at one time or another… This is the REAL Obama.

How could they possibly be clapping and cheering for this?  This is the SAME thing Hitler did… Luckily I haven’t seen any evidence that this idea he was campaigning about will ever come to fruition, but it does tell what kind of man Obama is.

If Obama cared about our national security, he’d secure the rights of everyday Americans against the corruption and abuses that the Patriot ACT offers.  And as for this “civilian” service deal… that’s just scary to me.  And are they going to expect someone like me to march into people’s homes, and enforce the Patriot ACT?  I’m glad I’m too old to qualify for this madness.  Obama can shove it.

Then there’s the banker bailouts, which is corruption at its highest level.  I wrote up an entry on that the other day.  Flat out robbery.  Obama’s team is nothing but Wall Street goons… the very people who created this financial mess, or at least, did not properly regulate and stop it.

Greg recently was getting his automobile inspected at a garage, and the owner of the shop was telling him how Federal agents visited the shop, and told him that anyone with Ron Paul bumper stickers was a “suspected terrorist”.   I guess they were wanting the owner of this garage to contact them if anyone had such bumper stickers, and notify them of the license plates, and what not.

And just like this young boy, even if you’re guilty of nothing, but “suspected” of “terrorism”, you can be thrown in jail, indefinitely, without trial.   And all it takes is a bumper sticker. If this sort of thing continues, we’re not going to have any rights whatsoever.

And what about torture?  Obama doesn’t seem to care much about torture.  I wonder if these Ron Paul supporters will end up water-boarded?

There’s nothing stopping them.  Let’s hear what Obama’s team has to say about tortue policies… Hmmm..

I loved watching how nervous Rahm Emanuel was during the interview.  He knows what’s really going on.  Then Pelosi, trying to dance around the issue.  Obama’s administration plays like they’re “too busy” to deal with these tortue issues.  We all need to be “looking forward”.

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