Intuitively Understand Stokes Theorem

I’ve been studying electromagnetism, and Maxwell’s equations for the past year or so.  After working through an entire Calculus textbook to bring my mathematics skills up to the level they needed to be, I started to work problems in vector integral calculus and came across Stokes theorem.  Talk about strange!  I had absolutely NO IDEA what they were doing.

The textbook related a line integral around the base of a surface with a sort of curl surface integral, and then was kind enough to show a terse proof that there’s no way anyone intuitively understood.

Well, for all of you physicists and mathematicians out there who need help understanding this, and all you can find on the internet is a bunch of the same cryptic mathematical garbage that’s in the math textbooks, I’ve decided to post Richard Feynman’s discussion on the topic, found in his lectures on physics. He makes it incredibly easy to understand.  It’s found in the 2nd volume of the set.  I scanned it, and here it is.


Obama And “Prolonged Detentions”

This is ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE.  And I thought the Patriot Act was bad…

Obama just recently gave a speech how he’s going to have the right to throw me or you in jail, INDEFINITELY, for crimes the government thinks we MAY commit.  In other words, CRIMES WE HAVEN’T EVEN DONE YET….

Rachel Maddow reports, just a few days ago, that Obama is creating his own court system, which circumvents our entire current rule of law…  It’s happening, RIGHT NOW.  This isn’t some conspiracy guy on YouTube… This is MSNBC and the New York Times.  Front page stuff.

UNBELIEVABLE.  Impeach Obama.  He is the most evil man I have ever seen.

And giving this speech while in our National Archives, in the very hall where our constitution is stored… Is he blatantly mocking us?

Are the American people’s minds so numb that they’d just let this go on?  I just can’t believe this is happening.  It’s like a bad dream, and everyone is on some sort of “happy drug”, not capable of realizing what’s happening.  A Nazi-like police state is forming here in my beloved country, and people just sit at home, and watch reality TV shows.

Obama posters are all over our schools, with all the young children cheering, “YES WE CAN”… I walk through Wal-Mart and see college students  wearing t-shirts with his face on it.

This is the power of real propaganda.  The masses of people fall for it, hook, line, and sinker.  They don’t even KNOW they’ve been brainwashed.

Peter Schiff Discusses Our Economy

I’ve recently decided that along with some of the other information I post on this site, I’d start writing short lessons on economics, to teach people how things operate.   But today my brother recommended I watch this series of videos by Peter Schiff, an Austrian economist.  He was wondering what I thought of what he was saying.

He’s spot on.  He’s exactly right, about everything.  He talks about Americans living in debt.  The things the government is doing to correct all our bad decisions, and their bad decisions too.  The bailouts, and what’s really going on.  How the Federal Reserve is manipulating things, and is the problem.  How Obama’s plans are no different than what George Bush was doing.  Spend Spend Spend.  Borrow Borrow Borrow.  There’s no economic policy change WHATSOEVER.  And now since no one is buying our bonds, we’re looking at: Print Money, Print Money, Print Money – which will lead to hyperinflation, and the butchering of our currency.

He mentions Bush’s deficit spending of 400 billion a year, and how it pales in comparison to Obama’s 2 trillion dollar deficit.  He talks about how inflation only benefits the government, because they want to spend money they print up without consequences, and devalue the debts they run up through bonds.   Here’s a picture of the deficit spending, for those of you who would like to see.  The red bars are Obama, the grey bars through 2008 are Bush administration. The surplus back in 2000 was back in Bill Clinton’s day:

Who can run up the highest deficit!

I remember watching corporate owned news networks deriding the tea parties.  They’d say “Obama gives everyone a tax cut,  but here they are out here protesting taxes.  Look how stupid they are.”  That’s not what the protests were about AT ALL.   It’s about how we’re going to have to pay back all this MASSIVE SPENDING.   The small tax cut most Americans received pales in comparison to the backlash which we’re all going to feel from this spending.  To compensate for these actions we have two options:  1) We’re either going to be taxed, or 2) they’re going to print up money, which devalues the dollar, pisses off countries who have lent us money, ruins trade relations, and essentially steals from those who have been responsible and saved.

Count up all those red bars.   All that’s running up national debt.  And remember, the more debt we run up, the higher the interest rate we must offer foreign nations to buy more debt.  And how do we pay for that?  Government taxes us, and WE GET NOTHING IN RETURN!  Just pay international bankers interest.  The more we borrow, the worse it’s going to get, and Obama, for some reason, thinks that’s the solution.

The average person is broke.  Buried in debt up to their eyeballs.  The government is broke.  Deficit spending galore, on the state and the federal level.  Where the hell do they expect to get all this money?   The average person is already leveraged to the max.  I know, let’s tax the hell out of the rich!  Good plan there, idiots.  Tax the business owners, who provide you your jobs.  Make it harder for the successful businesses to operate, and send the resources to failed businesses who have proven themselves corrupt, and incapable of running themselves effectively.  Bailout the very bankers who lent out money irresponsibly.

Everything we’re doing is SO STUPID.  STUPID.  Just quit spending!  Quit bailing out people with China’s money.  Cut back, and take the pain.  We can’t keep doing this.

He also talks about how other countries, such as China, and Japan, are not going to keep letting us take advantage of them.  Our leverage is gone.  They’re not going to keep sending us their products while we keep handing them money we print up on the printing presses.  They’re going to start keeping the things they produce for themselves, instead of sending them to us.  Since basically everything we buy from the store is “Made In China”, it’s going to hurt… BAD.

I apologize for the fact that this is 7 videos, instead of 1.  It’s just the way it’s been posted to YouTube.

Replies To Google Doodlers

On the front page of Google, they feature a link for us to go vote on various doodles drawn by children in school.  Each drawing respresents a wish of theirs for the world.  I want to take some time and comment on their wishes.

To: Abigail Kois, age 12, in Walworth NY.

Your doodle was the Google logo, connected by paper clips.  And for your wish you wrote:

“What I wish for the world is unity. The theme is represented by connected paper clips in my doodle because they represent unity. Each clip is interconnected much of the way people are.”

I love your wish most of all.  But I wonder if you’ll ever fully understand it?  I’ve met very few people in this world who do.  If you don’t understand what’s dividing the world, you will never understand how to unite them.  Most people never learn this in life, but I hope you will.

It won’t come without long studies, and developing your mind.  Unity isn’t something that just happens, or some moral duty.  It’s a lot harder than just hoping people will be nice to each other, and stop fighting.  We have to understand one another in order to be united in the way you’re hoping for.  I admire what you strive for, but it’ll take more than a kind heart to change the world.

Philosophers have spent the past several thousand years thinking of how to unite mankind together.  Their goal was to find a way of thinking which would unite everyone together, and bring peace.  Over a long period of time they developed what’s now known as the scientific mindset. They learned that if men’s minds were to unite, they would have to acknowledge “empirical observation” as the basis for what we consider truth.  “Empirical” means that what you consider to be truth is what you see with your eyes, hear with your ears, taste with your tongue, feel with your hands, and smell with your nose.

I’m sure this all sounds very strange to you, yet at the same time, it’s also common sense.  I mean, if someone was going to tell you that a giant elephant was in your living room, yet you were in your living room, and you weren’t able to see the elephant, I’m sure you’d find the person telling you that pretty strange.  In fact, you’d tell him he’s lying.  In other words, what he’s saying is not true.  But in this world, people believe a lot of things, even when their beliefs have no evidence to back them.

To give you an example, you may have heard about the Miss America pagaent.  Miss California has caused quite a stir over her comments on gay marriage.  Though a lot of people think this issue is about gays, and their acceptance in society, it’s really about something deeper.

Miss California is a Christian.  To her, truth is what she reads in the Bible, which is their holy book.  Her interpretation of the Bible is against homosexuality, and she believes what’s in this book, because to her to have faith in its contents is the utmost duty of a person.  She believes, when she fights against gays, she’s doing the will of God in heaven.  Also, she believes if she does not fight against gays, she will be punished by God, and possibly even be thrown in eternal torment in hell when she dies.

Now the real argument comes down to whether a person should believe the contents of a book, like the Bible, by blind faith.  Especially when it goes against scientific evidence.

Science test after science test shows that your sexual orientation is not a choice.  Some guys are attracted to other guys, and they are not attracted to women.  When these gay men are put them in laboratories, and are exposed to sexual material, such as nude photos of both sexes, the gay men are not stimulated by pictures of nude women, but ARE stimulated by pictures of nude men.

The same goes for straight guys.  They are stimulated by pictures of  nude women, but not so by the pictures of nude men.

To Miss California, these gay men are either possessed by demons, or somehow diving into a perverse sort of “sin” when they are attracted to other men.  But science shows that this is not a matter of choice.  Gay men are born gay, and its embedded in their genetic structure.  Scientists have even found the gene combinations in the DNA strands which makes a person gay, or straight.

And think about the word “straight”, versus “gay”.  Straight means they’re not bent, and perverted, like a “gay”.  Even the words we use to denote sexual orientation are mean spirited.

So to tell gays they’re bad people because they were born a certain way seems stupid.  When Miss California appears on the news, and says she was exercising her right to free speech, is that really the issue?  Is she free to hate people born a certain way, just because her religion tells her a union between gays is an abomination before her religious deity?  Is it alright for her to be stupid, and be unaware of the science studies that have been done?

This gay marriage issue is just one example.  There will always be people writing up books, and claiming they are divine, and contain the absolute truth. But how do we know what really is true, when so many different people and books are saying so many different things?  We have to do science, and test, and observe patterns.  We don’t sit around and guess.  We do testing, and confirm whether things are true or not.

Like a lot of things, this issue isn’t just about gays.  It’s about whether people should believe in things blindly, or whether they need evidence before we should respect their opinion.  It’s more difficult to study and read books, and learn what science tests have been done, whereas it’s very easy to just believe what people tell you, and never investigate it out for yourself.  As long as people are lazy, fighting like this will continue to take place.

As for a lot of fighting in the world, the fights are because people are lazy, and do not study or read books.  Not all fighting comes from this, but a great deal.  As for the unity you’re hoping for, it only comes through education.  So stay in school, keep studying, and never quit learning.

There’s a wonderful book I have read, written by a monk who lived in a monastery.  A group of reporters visited him and were asking why he rarely left the building.  They asked him how was he expected to change the world, sitting around in some room, reading books.  They felt he needed to be outside, giving speeches, and traveling the world.  Then he said something I’ll never forget.

He said, “Uniting together is more than coming near one another.  People travel to one another to fight during a war, but they certainly are not united.  Become united in mind, and you’ll also be united in body.  But this will only happen if you study.”

His understanding of the world, and people, made him love, and have compassion.  That’s really what your connected paper clips are all about.  Everytime you learn and understand someone else in this world, and understand their beliefs and why they believe the way they do, you’ll connect your paper clip to theirs.  But those connections are a gift only given to those who work for it.

To: Elizabeth Harman, age 16, in Wake Forest, NC

Your doodle represented exploration and creativity, and you wrote:

“What I want for the world is to be a place where your imagination can run free. A place where you are not limited by money or materials or other’s thoughts, but are free to bring the creations of your imagination to life.”

You know Elizabeth, I used to think just like you, until I studied economics.  Your wish is admirable, but you haven’t thought about the problem long enough to realize what you’re actually saying.  There’s a huge mountain of problems you’re ignoring.  You lack a thorough understanding of what money actually is, and why this world you’re wishing for doesn’t exist.

You’re not limited because you lack money.  You’re limited because you’re human, and the laws of nature are difficult to overcome.  Really, all that money would enable you to do is pay someone else to do all the things you’re not able to accomplish on your own.  As you seem to be realizing, people controlling others through monetary systems is slavery.  Why should someone have to do what you want the them to, just because you have money to throw at them, and they’re in need?  But people are far too quick to blame the monetary system, which isn’t people’s problem 9/10ths of the time.

Maybe you dream of one day creating a movie like those you see in the theaters today.  A giant Hollywood blockbuster!  Wouldn’t that be nice?  But like most people, you probably don’t have money to hire the 3D graphic artists, the actors, the costume creators, the camera men, the digital film editors, and everyone else involved.  All you can probably realistically do is type up a screenplay on your computer, and hope a rich person will invest money in your film’s creation.

But if you only had money!  So many people think that all their problems would end, if they could only get their hands on money.  But imagine if everyone had money.  Then what?  You’d find a very different world.

All the factory workers, creating all the goods, and processing our food, and other products, would just all go home.  They’d all just say, “I’m rich now.  I don’t have to work.”  Trash men would stop coming and collecting your trash.  After all, they’re all rich now too.  And mechanics, and repairmen who fix things.  They’d all retire as well, because they’d rather be watching the sports game than dealing with that sort of stuff.

Wal-Mart would shut down, because truckers quit driving trucks delivering produce.  And the employees all decided to go home as well.  Policemen also stay at home, because they’re all rich and retired now.

But now we learn something very important.  Everyone has this big wad of money, but since nobody is working anywhere, it can’t buy you anything!  In other words, it’s useless.

Money, in and of itself, is not your problem.  It’s not most other people’s problem either.  The world is your problem.  We live in a cruel world.  If you read history books, you’ll see that only 200 years ago, people were literally plowing fields with oxen, and working all day long out in the hot sun, just to grow enough food to eat.  If you’d been born then, you’d spend all day canning vegetables, cooking food, and doing other duties.  You’d have no time for anything.  As for me, I’d be out in the fields, miserable.

200 years sounds like a long time to someone your age.  But when you get older, you’ll see the years fly by.  The last ten years of my life have flown by like nothing at all.  Seems like yesterday.  Like snapping my finger.  Snap those fingers ten times, and a century goes by.  My own father lived in a home without electricity, which had an outhouse!  All the nice stuff you have… that’s VERRRYYYYY recent.

It’s only VERY recently that there’s been any excess abundance for us to do fun things.  The ONLY reason we have this abundance is because of increases in technology.  That’s the ONLY reason.

So just like I told Abigail, the only thing that’s going to make life better is for you to keep studying.  You, and your classmates have to learn science and technology, and improve things.  You have to find better and better ways of taking care of our needs, so we’ll have more free time.  Once technology rises to a level where everyone can be provided for without doing much work, that’s when we’ll all be free to have fun doing creative enterprises.

But don’t have unrealistic expectations of our science developments.  People see scientists doing some pretty amazing things these days, and think, “Surely we have technology that can provide for everyone easily.”  In some ways, yes, but science has a LLLLOOONNNNGGGG way to go.  Maybe one day things will be like Star Trek, where people can talk to a computer, and it materialize energy and create you a plate of food.  But as of right now, there’s still farmers out there planting crops, digging them up, and loading it in trucks.  Those crops are taken to factories, where the food is processed and turned into food.  It’s packed up in packages, and shipped to grocery stores.  All of that is a HUUUGGGEEEEEEE process involving countless people.

There’s the farmers, the suppliers, the airplane pilots carrying cargo, the truckers, the warehouse workers, the sales clerks, the grocery store employees, the scientists who create the machines, the cars, the airplanes, and all the factory workers who build the cars, airplanes, and what not.  There’s the engineers who scouted the land before the building was built.  Each warehouse was built by carpenters and construction workers.  There’s lumber guys out there chopping down trees, in a lumber mill somewhere.  There’s electricians who wired up the lights.  There’s scientists at Intel building computer chips for all those gadgets they’re using throughout the process.  There’s software developers making the software which organizes it all.  All those inventory levels, and project management all have people managing things.  The list goes on and on.  You have to see beyond money, and see what all these people out there are doing.  Money is just a piece of paper with a number printed on it.  How is printing up paper, and handing it to people going to make our lives more free?  We need our stomachs filled with food, homes to live in, and transportation methods to get around.  Until you find ways to take care of all that stuff, we’re not free at all.

On a small scale, our money is manipulated.  There are corrupt people at the top, who manipulate our money, which makes their purchasing power more than ours, so that they can order us around, and get things that they want, even though they don’t deserve it.  It’s true.  But generally speaking, they’re a minor problem.  The real problem is the fact that your body needs food, clothing, and shelter.  The fact that your body can get sick, and perish so easily.  The fact that we age at such an alarming rate, with such a short lifespan.  Nature is far more cruel than any tyrant.  Watch animal planet.  Study the science of our planet’s formation.  Even the origin of our universe comes from a chaotic bang.

Setting The Bar

Yesterday, while eating dinner with my family, my Mom said something to me which I found particularly interesting, and worth commenting on.

After I had finished my first plate of food, I was offered more food, as well as cheesecake.  I thought to myself, “No more calories.  This is too much.”  When I refused, I was told, “Oh Jason.  Look at you.  You don’t have worry about your weight.”

This silly mindset causes so many people problems in life.  You don’t wait until you have a problem to start preparing for it, and taking precautions.  You don’t wait until you’re fat, and then say, “Uh oh, I have a problem.”

I don’t understand why people always feel they’re an exception to the rules of life, as long as they currently do not suffer from the problem.  In fact, when you’re young and healthy, that’s the VERY TIME to be taking care of yourself.

But most people lack all foresight, and do not use their brains at all.  They act like the only thing which exists is that which is right in front of their eyes.  “I’m skinny and good looking now.  No problem. I’ll just eat whatever, and do whatever.”  Then one day they look in the mirror, “Uh oh. Problem. I’m fat. I guess I better take care of this now.”

People do the same thing with money.  When they have an extra $1000 in the bank, they think, “Oh I have money.  I don’t have to worry about spending.”  Then they spend it, become broke, and one minor financial calamity wipes them out completely.  Every little minor problem casues a catastrophe.

But they think, for some strange reason, that they’re an exception to the rules.  Bad things happen to some people, but it won’t happen to them!  But no one is an exception to the rules.  Bad things happen to everybody.

Greg and I are always told, “Nothing bad ever happens to you guys.”  We laugh when we hear that, because it’s not that nothing bad happens to us.  We’re just always prepared, and it SEEMS like nothing bad happens to us.

Let’s say something goes wrong with the car.  Those who operate paycheck to paycheck, this sort of thing causes an uproar and panic.  How are they going to come up with the few hundred dollars for the whizbang dealie their car needs.  They’re frantic.  How will they get to work if they don’t have a car.  Oh no!!!!!  They start making all these phone calls, freaking out.

How does it happen with me and Greg?  We have money saved up.  We drop the car off at the dealer, take a cab to the office, or rent a car, and that’s that.  There’s no problem.  And our life continues on like normal, and nobody even notices that we HAD a problem.

And even though Greg and I make more money than most people NOW, does not mean we did in the past.  But even then, when we made much LESS than most people, our lives were just as seamless and peaceful.  It’s because we always had money saved up, and were prepared.  And in fact, you’ll never be financially successful in life unless you learn to save money.

Here’s another example.  Greg was telling me over the phone about someone commenting on the fact that he never gets sick.  They were telling him, “Greg’s you’re so lucky!”  There’s no “luck” to this.  He takes 3000 mg of Vitamin C every day.  That’s why he doesn’t catch all the normal cold and flus most people catch.  And because he’s never sick, he never misses work.  And once again, that’s just one less problem to worry about.

What most people consider “luck” has little to do with luck.  What they really don’t understand is what Greg and I call “the bar”.

Most people set their financial bar at 0 dollars in the bank.  But what you want to do is set it to some number, which is your cushion.  Say $5000 or $10,000.  Now when you look at your bank account, if you see $5100 in the bank, you do not have $5100 in the bank.  You have $100 in the bank.  You don’t touch the $5000.  That’s allocated for a set purpose — your cushion.  You don’t spend your cushion.  That’s for emergencies and buffer money.

And when you’re saving for something, say your home, a new car, or whatever, when you see that money in your account, that money is not there.

To apply this same “setting the bar” mindset to my body, when I’m at the ideal body weight, and fat levels, I don’t have any abundance to “spend”.  I can’t eat whatever I want.  If I eat more than I burn, I’m going to get fat!  There’s no weird exception which exists, just because I’m in shape now.

Now if I was super skinny, and needed to GAIN weight, then yeah, I could eat a lot.  But I don’t have that problem.  So therefore, I don’t have any extra calories to “spend”, and do not eat more than I should.  Just because I’m in good shape now, does not make me an exception.

This lack of foresight is what creates these massive problems for people.  What they do is let a problem build up over a long period of time, then they try to “BOOM” it.  They wait until they get fat, then hope to spend 5 hours a day in the gym, and burn it all off in a month.  They bury themselves in debt, then frantically rush to the financial planner when they can’t juggle the money anymore.  They wait until the entire economy implodes, and then the politicians finally do something about the problems.

This lifestyle doesn’t come without its consequences.  Taking the fat example — first you start gaining weight, but do nothing about it.  So you look bad, your self confidence drops, and your sex life goes downhill as well.  Your blood pressure rises, you get diabetes, your heart is working double time, your joints are put under heavy stress, you have less energy… and on and on.  The preventive lifestyle, vs waiting until the problem is huge, then trying to fix it, are not equal.

Really, some of those diseases you suffer from are incurable.  There is no cure for diabetes once you get it.  Also, that whole time you were overweight, and your heart was working overtime, you were taxing your lifespan.  When you abuse your heart and body, you’re not going to live as long.  Even if you get your act together later, when you’re in your 50s, you’ve still done all sorts of irreparable damage to yourself.

My parents suffer from this mindset in other areas as well.  Take their basement for instance.  Whenever they buy new stuff for the house, or have various things they’re not sure what to do with, instead of pitching it, and taking care of it right then, it gets stuffed into the basement.  So over a period of years the basement accumulates piles and piles of junk.  It eventually gets so packed with junk that you can’t even walk around down there.  Even the walkways are crammed with junk.

Then one day I’ll be sleeping, and there’ll be a frantic fire alarm go off.  My brothers and I all get phone calls.  Mom and Dad are cleaning out the basement.  I answer my phone and am like, “What’s the rush?”  The house is being reappraised, and they need to clean out the basement before the appraiser arrives.  So the entire basement MUST be cleaned out over the weekend.

So I’m supposed to get up out of bed, put on clothes, slide down the fire poll as fast as possible, and head over to my parents house right then and there.

The SAME thing applies to the church.  My parents are the pastors, and there’s a back room to the church.  How it started was they kept cramming junk in this back room of the church.  But then they needed to expand, and wanted to put classrooms back there.  So they cleaned it out, and what to do with the junk?  Well, they rented a storage room, and hauled all the junk there.  Eventually church finances get tight, and they’re struggling to pay for the storage room.  Uh oh.  Fire alarm goes off.  I get a phone call.  “We have to get this storage cleaned out, now!”  So here I go, down the fire poll, to save the day.

I helped clean out the basement, but did not help clean out the storage room.  I told my parents that I was not going to keep bailing them out of their bad habits.  They’re going to have to change, and not let these problems build up to such a degree, then expect all of us to just drop everything we’re doing, and jump to their rescue.

But I was considered “selfish”.  I was the bad one here.  But really, the selfish and lazy ones are my parents.  How many people have donated money to the church, only to have it literally thrown away on a stupid storage room, which does nothing for anybody?  $100 a month doesn’t seem like that much money, when it’s paid for once a month.  But after two years, that’s $2400.  That could have bought new sound equipment, or new carpet for the back area.  But it doesn’t.  It’s just wasted.  All because of bad habits.

Our country has no conception of this principle either.  Pretty much every state is operating under a deficit, and so is the federal government.  Just spend spend spend.  Don’t save.  No surplus.  Spend.  Spend. Spend.  But you know, every time you borrow, you have to pay it back with interest.  What’s happening is our taxes keep being raised higher and higher, but we get nothing out of it.  All of it goes to pay interest to international bankers, who lend us all this money.  That’s the tax of being stupid.

Learn from this lesson.  Just because you have some empty space in your home, don’t cram junk there, just because you can.  Keep it cleaned out!  Just because you have money in the bank, don’t go out and spend it.  Always have some money saved, in case something happens.  And don’t think you can eat anything you want, just because you look good now.  Take care of yourself right now, starting today.