Something Amazing

Wherever you are right now, stare at this screen.  Now take a moment, and reflect on who’s looking at the screen.  That silent observer, the real you.  That being inside your body.  Do you sense yourself?

For the rest of this week, make a conscious effort to “watch” this silent observer, creating thoughts in your mind.  Pay close attention to the fact that you yourself are controlling what runs through your mind, and what you think about.

Now that you’re doing this, your mind will keep a back-log of your thoughts, whereas it was not doing so before.  You’ll be able to watch your thoughts over time.

Now comes the next step.  Carefully watch the world around you.  There’s an amazing thing going on.  Those thoughts, which you are making happen, are creating your world.  Every bit of it.

My Own Experience

Months back, my mind was focused on what the news was playing:  lousy economy, everybody’s doing horribly, the new leadership in the White House is destroying the foundations of capitalism… I thought about my own business endeavors in this context, and found myself doing horribly.  I even had thoughts in my head about a girl I like, and how she doesn’t have feelings for me, like I do her.

I was depressed about a whole lot of stuff.

Then I came across some business materials, which told me to start watching my thoughts.  So I did.  I was blown away.

It’s 100% true.  We ARE creating our world.  The good, and the bad.

Immediately I started changing my thoughts, and things started changing.  I told all of you the other day about fixing up my motorcycle, new business projects, and new experiences in the gym.

I’m still weight lifting, and still gaining tons of muscle.  It’s amazing.  Changed my mind, and decided it was worth the time everyday to lift weights, and then it just happened.

Everything was going great.  I was feeling great.  Then I was bored one afternoon, and didn’t feel like studying.  I’d been studying all week long, and I also didn’t feel like working.  So I had a lazy day, and just goofed off on the internet.  I ended up watching a TV show, which had a lot of romance in it, and a lot of what Greg and I would call “bad basis”.  It had a high rating on the website, and I thought, “People seem to really like this.  I wonder what it’s all about.”  Well I’ll tell you what it was about:  People living messed up lives.  This guy’s in love with this girl, but this girl loves another guy, yet that other guy is in love with somebody else entirely.  They’re all miserable and in constant drama.  Nothing works out for anybody, and nobody is happy.

Well, I ended up watching that, and that show got me thinking about the girl I mentioned.  So I woke up the next morning, after pounding my head with that television garbage.  I thought all kinds of stuff, and that eventually led me to sending her some letters.  She replied and we were talking.  The exchanges were both kinda nice, and sort of sad at the same time.  Isn’t it funny how the mood and tone of the letters, and even her responses, were very similar to that of the show I was watching?  Go figure!

Then I thought… I’m creating this.  First off, I CHOSE to watch that television show.  Once I saw the bad basis, and people living lives I never want to live, I should have SHUT IT OFF.  But I let that crap in my mind, and well, I became a character in that show.  I became just like the guy in the show, who loves the girl, but nothing comes of it.  *waves hand in the air, showing disgust at myself*

I was DRAWING that lifestyle to me.  I was drawing in the lifestyle, “Guy in love with girl that never works out.”  That show left impressions on my mind, either consciously, or even unconsciously, which were creating energy and auras which eminated from me, and was creating the world around me.

I’d be REALLY interested if she just so happened to be having thoughts which aligned with mine, or something that was “compatible” with what happened, and we both brought that situation into reality.

I’m convinced this stuff is true.  You think on things, and let certain things into your mind, it will create whatever world is on your mind.

There’s really two sources of misery in my life.  1)  Sometimes I have to work harder than I’d like to make money.  and 2) Thoughts on this girl, since I fancy her, but nothing will ever come of that.

Business is all my doing.  I choose to make money the way I do.  Doing the work that I do.  And lately, I’ve been changing that.  Greg and I’s new projects are a lot better, and actually embody things that are very important to me.

Speaking of which, I happened to write up a “my dream life” thing a couple months ago, and even changed my desktop wallpaper on my computer to something which embodied it.  I was looking over those goals, and everytime I’d see my wallpaper, it’d make me think on that.  And guess what?

My life has went in DRASTIC directions toward that.  I wasn’t even conscious of this, because weird events just happened, and brought me close to that lifestyle.  Greg just one days calls me up and says, “Hey, I got an idea.  What do you think of it?”  Then it all began.  Other things I was doing just sorta dropped away, but on the other hand, opportunities appeared out of nowhere, which made that lifestyle a possiblity to me.  Like a door opened from some void, and said, “Would you like to come in now?  I’ve prepared this place for you.”  The door is still a bit in the distance, and I’ll have to walk a bit of a ways in order to walk in… The thing is, it’s there, and it wasn’t there before.  I KNOW I created it.

There’s something REALLY weird about writing your goals down, then focusing your mind on them all the time.  It happens.  There’s so many people who don’t believe me on this one.  But try it. Write down what you want, then read that list to yourself everyday, and then everytime you think on that list, think of how you can get it.   Things will start to move.  You’ll become what’s on your mind.

I can remember one time I thought this rock-star guy had cool hair, so I saved a picture of him.  It was crazy looking, spikey, and all over the place.  It was dyed black.   For a while, I remember looking at that picture from time to time.   Every day I look at a set of pictures of eminent scientists and Nobel Prize winners, and philosophers, who I admire.  Well, not everyday, but a lot.   Then I put that guy’s picture in with them, so when I cycled through the pictures, his picture would come up.

Then one day I needed a haircut, and that picture came to mind… If I printed out this picture, and took it in there… I could look like that that guy!… Then I thought WHOOOAAA, no way.  That’s crazy.   But see!  You get it in your mind, then it says, “Hey, if you want that, we could do it right now!”

Even in the little things. If you pay close attention, you are creating those as well.  Just a moment ago I was with my little brother.  He came up to me and asked me if he could borrow my car.  I was consciously thinking about watching my thoughts, especially in relation to creating my world, and then it hit me:  I’m the one who told him to ask me if he ever wants to borrow my car.  I created this.  I made this event happen.

Then I thought.. Ok, no more crap thinking.  Time to do things which make me happy, and feed my mind good things.

So I got out the Calculus textbook, and started working problems finding tangent planes and surface integrals of parametric surfaces.  Then that got me thinking about using curls and divergence vector fields to represent electromagnetic physics, trying to anticipate how Maxwell is going to do (since I don’t have his equations memorized, but I have a basic understanding of how the fields operate), and then all of the sudden I was submerged in physics and mathematics, and was so happy.  I then thought, “YES!  I’m just a few days away from finishing all the mathematics required to fully understand electromagnetism, and all the electric and magnetic fields!”

I started thinking about the simulator I want to write.  I’m going to make a simple “map” editor, then I’m going to allow multiple observers to fly through this environment at the same time, all going at variable speeds, and watch the Lortenz transformation and space-time warping happen.  I’m going to make multiple windows, each with different observers flying around at different speeds.  Time can also be sped up and slowed down.  I’m even going to recreate that experiment I was talking about the other day — Moving faster than light… Actually make a 3D simulator which flies through that backyard, and you can watch it all happen.

I started on a more simplistic version of this same idea a while back.  It’s a neat program too.

Then I want to implement physics into it, like “box” men jumping, and I could see how to different physics and energy dynamics play out for different observers.  For example:  This guy is flying by at this speed.  What kind of stretching takes place at these high speeds?  What does it look like?

So cool flying around these environments I create, and seeing everything play out.  The math will come alive.

I also learned how to do complex transformations.  Using Jacobian transformations, I can actually compute the change in the spatial volume of the “box” man, to different observers (I think so anyway).  The box man may look warped and scewed, but I’ll still be able to compute his spatial volume.  How sweet is that?  I’m not even sure if it varies or not.  I still don’t fully understand all of relativity.  But after this simulator, and flying around with different observers, and representing everything with this new math I’m learning, I definitely will!  Going to be so awesome.

I’m so proud of myself for being able to make stuff like that.  My life is amazing. Soon I’ll have the money to have my lab.  I was thinking about light, and shooting lasers through prisims.  So much fun and discovery ahead.

One thought on “Something Amazing”

  1. That’s awesome. This makes me want to write about how the change in perspective in my personal ad resulted in VASTLY different girls responding from the same medium I’d previously written off as “sludge” and “pond scum” (aren’t I so nice)

    Now whether anything really comes of these specific girls or not is missing the point. The point is that I made a change (just like you), and now there is something new and far more desirable standing before me.

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