My Ideal Life

Greg lent me a marketing seminar the other day, and highly recommended I watch the DVD.  After a two hour discussion, the main question was brought up, “If there were no limitations or consequences, what would your perfect average day look like?”

The question is like the offer Cypher was given in the Matrix movie:  Define your life in every detail, and whatever you ask, you’ll have.  There’s no limitations, no consequences to any actions of any lifestyle you ask, and you can live this experience day in and day out, every single day.  What would you choose?  Here is the life I would live, in vivid detail.

My life would only primarily involve one other person, who would be my valet.  We shall call this man Mr. X.  Outside of Mr. X, and a very small network of close friends, I’d rarely have contact with anyone.  My true identity would only be known to this small group of people.  Nobody outside of this small group knows who I am.  For most occassions, if contact must be made with those “outside”, Mr. X would handle such affairs, and always represent me.  There would be occassions where I would appear in person, however.  But like I said, this would be rare, and even then, nobody would know who I truly was.  If they asked my name, they would either be ignored, or would be told a fictitious yet believable story, but more likely they’d just be ignored.  The less people know about me, the better.

I would live in a very remote area of the world, surrounded by deep forest, near a lake, in a large log home, preferably on a mountain way up high.  Underneath the ground would be a large complex, which would contain my science lab.  There would be a helicopter pad, capable of accomodating 3 landed helicopters.  The only way to get to my cabin would be by helicopter.  Three sides of my log home would be surrounded and overlooking dense forest, whereas the front side is the lake.

I would not be listed in any government databases, and not be a citizen of any country.  I’d never be asked to pay taxes, jury duty, military service, or anything else.  All my wealth, which I made in legitmate business ventures in the past, would be kept in gold, stored in various armed vaults across the world.  I would hold a safe deposit box in major banks all around the world, and each box would hold some of that country’s currency and a copy of my fictitious “papers” of citizenship, and passports.

I would wake up early every morning.  Mr. X would be waiting, and would have my shower prepared, with my new clean clothes sitting out.  Clothing would depend on the activives planned for the day.  If I planned to study or research the clothes would be Brooks Brothers clothing, consisting primiarly of sweaters and jeans when there is no one there, and dress suits when company is visiting.  If I planned to do outdoor activies, such as swim in the lake, the clothing would be swimming trunks and a shirt.  If I planned to hike in the woods, cross-trainer athletic shoes, along with proper clothing would be set out.  The shower would be large and spacious, as would the bathroom.  The floors and walls would be ceramic tile, with the center of the floor containing a logo, which signified my household crest.

After the shower I would get dressed, and Mr. X would be in the kitchen awaiting me, with breakfast prepared.  The food would be healthy, and simple – foods that would never cause health related problems, can be eaten quickly, and taste decent.  Oatmeal would be a primary food.  I would drink organic fruit juice, such as orange juice.

Inside my cabin, there would rarely be any noise.  There would always be dead silence.  It would be so quiet that you could hear the birds chirping outside, and if an appliance was running, that would be the main sound eminating.

My main living room area would be a series of cloth seatings (such as couch, love seat, recliners, etc), which matched the log wood walls, and hardwood floors.  The home would have a “rugged” look, and it wouldn’t matter if furniture, tables, etc., got scratched up.  Though things looked rugged, it’d also be very clean.  Along one of the walls in the main living room I would park several Harley Davidson motorcyles.  The walls would also have Harley Davidson cloth banners hanging, and Harley Davidson blankets would drape over some of the furniture.  It’d be a very simple look, and there wouldn’t be much furniture, and it’d mostly be open space.  There would be no trinkets or junk anywhere.  There would however be all kinds of strange things, which I would have purchased from my travels around the world.  There may be some carved statue I got from an African shaman, some nice grey alien figurine I acquired from the Roswell museum in New Mexico, a strange book laying out from a cult religious following, and anything else I found amusing during my travels.

I’d have a large collection of pocket watches, and tabacco pipes.  Most of my pocket watches would be diamond and gold, hand-crafted, wind-up watches, with very exotic designs on them.  I’d have Mr. X wind them up once a day in the mornings, and they would be lined up in glass shelves along another wall in the living room.  Ideally, they would all tick in unison, but with their varying sound frequencies, and I’d just sit and listen to them.  This is likely impossible, however, so I would probably just wind up one watch each day, and sit in the rocking chair, and become so in-tuned with these watches, that I could tell exactly which watch is ticking, just by hearing its sound.  They’d be the only time-pieces in the home, and overall, no one would ever care what time it was, as there’d be no reason to care. If there were no health concerns, I’d sit in this rocking chair and smoke one of my pipes.

Along the opposite wall from the pocket watches would be a large grand-father clock, with a very large swinging pendulum, made of solid gold, with the design of the Freemasonic sun on it, and my rocking chair would be similar to George Washington’s sun chair.  This rocking chair would face the grand-father clock, and I could watch the golden sun swing back and forth, while also hearing the pocket watches tick behind me.  My motorcyles would be to my right, and other seats (the couch and love seat) to my left, if company came over.  When friends visited, this is the room we would talk in.

My day to day activities would consist of one of five things.  Spending time outdoors, riding motorcyles around the world, weight lifting and exercise, studying in my personal library, or researching in my science lab, the most primiary activities being research in the library and lab.  We’ll start out explaining my outdoor activities.

If you walked straight a ways from my front door you come a boat dock, extending out into the lake.  There you would find a paddle boat, a canoe, and sail boat.  Sometimes I would go sailing, other times floating about the lake in the paddle boat.  For exercise, when the weather is warm, I would sail out in the lake, and there I would set out a buoy attached by a rope to my boat.  It would be about the length of an olympic sized pool.  Using this I would swim to and fro, to the buoy, and back to the boat, and do this many times.  This would be a primary form of exercise for me.  The rope would be there in case I pushed myself too hard, and needed to grab onto it in order not to drown.

Paths would be cut throughout all the dense forest around my home, and I would also hike throughout these hills and forest for exercise, both to think, and to relax.  There would be mountains, creeks, and wildlife.  I would hike in these woods armed with a 9 mm pistol, which would be kept in a holster slung over my shoulder and back, like police officers wear.  It would stay concealed under my coat, if weather demands a coat.

Upon returning, I would be greeted by Mr. X, and if it was lunch-time, he would notify me that my lunch was ready.  For lunch I would eat very healthy food, such as chicken, fish, rice, and other non-fattening foods.  It would be something I could eat quickly, fill me up, yet have no looming effects after eating it.

If I ever got in the mood, sometimes I would just hop on my motorcycle and take off.  There may or may not be a forewarning, telling Mr. X where I went.  Generally speaking, if he saw one of the motorcycles gone, he would figure I’m gone, and immediately assume responsibility to take care of the affairs of managing the home until I return, unless I contact him and demand otherwise.  I would ride all over the world, having no cell phone, and no way to contact anyone and no way for them to contact me.  I’d ride all over the world, visiting every major landmark, city, park, etc.  Sometimes I’d just pull into a park and sit down and let the ducks crowd around me, and feed them bread.  Other times I’d ride down the interstate in the middle of the night and admire the darkness.  And other times, I’d ride along the Las Vegas strip at night, and watch the lights blur as I blaze by.

I’d wear a black helmet, with a dark black visor.  If it was warm out, I’d wear a black Harley Davidson t-shirt, and if it was cold out, I’d wear a black leather motorcycle racing coat.  I’d wear normal blue jeans and some form of boots.  My primary motorcycle would be a Harley Night Rider, and it would modded out.  I’d have leather saddle bags, which held clothing and other things.  The handles would have leather tassles hanging down, and I’d have the bike ornamented with various small, gold jewlery, such as gold maltese crosses, and other neat small ornaments I’d found on my travels.  I would keep the paint job unchanged.  I’d install highway pegs for my feet, and a custom leather seat.  For states which did not require a helmet, I’d take off the full helmet and wear black sunglasses.

Sometimes I’d stop at the beaches, and park my motorcycle there.  I’d eat something, then I’d strip down to a t-shirt and shorts, and run along the beach coast, on the wet sand, for possibly up to 100 miles.  Start at one city, and run until I finally ran into another city.

For day to day exercise, inside the log home would be a large weight room with treadmills I can run on.  I’d lift weights and run everyday.  The weight room would consist of free-weight dumbells of every weight from 5 pounds to 100 pounds, 2 of each, in increments of 5 pounds.  Other weight lifting would be done by machines, so I would not require a spotter.  There would be a machine which targeted each body area, and put minimal strain on joints.  These machines would be lined up in the center area of the room.  There would be a mat in the corner of the room, with an area to slide in my feet, so I could do sit-ups.  There’d also be a padded incline ramp, with feet locks, so I could do inclined sit-ups.  The treatmills would be very durable, and large, so I could run on them at full speed, if I needed to, and they wouldn’t be affected by this at all.

Mr. X would always keep supplies of protein powder, and milk in the kitchen.  Snacks and food I specify would be kept in the kitchen as well.  There would always be a pre-made sandwich in the fridge, in case I got the munchies.  If the sandwich becomes more than one day old, Mr. X’s free to have it, and it must be replaced by a new one.  These sandwiches would alternate, but generally speaking they’d be sandwiches like you’d get from Subway, with several types of meat, lettuce, tomatos, mayonase, cheese, and all on wheat bread – though sometimes I’d also want peanut-butter sandwiches.  Orange juice would always be available, as well as several other juices.  Coca-Cola would be available, in glass bottles, along the inside door.  Oatmeal would always be kept in the top cabinet in stock.  One of the cabinets would contain all kinds of chocolate at all times.  The fridge would have an ice dispenser on the front, as well as a water dispenser, and the water would be filtered.

Mr. X and I would converse from time to time, but mostly we would only speak to one another when there is a need to speak.  He would be of a nature and temperament similar to my own.  He would be very well educated, and spend much time studying the books out of the library, and doing research in the science lab.  He would be an equal intellectually, and our conversations would primiarly be concerned with research he’s doing, interesting discoveries he read about in science journals, or other not commonly known facts which he discovered since we last talked.  He would be around 10 years older than myself.  Our only difference would lie in his love to cook, and love of taking care of the mundane details of life, which I find so boring and would leave to him.

I would spend many hours in my personal library, which would contain all the greatest works of literature, science, history, economics, biology, astronomy, physics, mathematics, and any other subject I plan or decide to do research on.  Scientific journals and magazines would also be brought and stored here. There would be a large room, which the sole purpose of which is to store the books.  This area would be shared between both Mr. X and I.  This room would break off into two studies, one of which is mine, the other is Mr. X’s.

My study would consist of a large oak desk with lots of paper to write on.  Personal notebooks and journals would be stored in this room, as well as my personal computer.  This room would be private, and only I can enter this room.  Not even Mr. X ever enters my study.  Inside the room would be a fireplace, and a rocking chair.  There would be a large spinning globe, about four to five times the size of a beach ball, mounted on a gold platform, and the holders would have inscriptions with longitude and latitude which shifted along as you twirled the globe.  The globe would utilize a special technology, which made its surface digital, and I could map various government data to it, such as plate tectonic, population, economic, real-time weather analysis, etc.  There would be a wooden shelf, and on the shelf would be wooden ships of all different types, with their big wind driven sails. One of the windows in the room would look out toward the lake, the other would outlook the forest.  Both windows would have thick curtains which can be closed, if the sunlight became bothersome.  Along the side of my room would be a flat-screen television mounted to the wall, which I would use to watch DVD lectures and documentaries.  Video game consoles would also be linked to this television, and played occassionally.

There would be a ladder in the corner, which if climbed, led to a “perch”.  This would be my personal observatory for the area.  It’d have a gigantic telescope mounted to the roof, but capable of being spun around a full 360 degrees and aimed in different directions.  I’d have a chair on wheels, similar to the Goo Goo Dolls Iris video.  All the walls would be windows, with a roof. At the hit of a button the roof would open, and leave the telescope to aim to the sky.  Here I could view the planets, stars, and the world all around me for miles.

My telescope would have a very precise alignment, and I could use it for actual astronomical observations, and recreate past astronomical observations of those like Kepler.  I would chart the movements of the planets and stars, charting their angles based on my telescope readings, and mathematically keep track of everything.  The telescope would have special hardware linked to a computer, which would link it to a simulator, like Celestia.  I could compare what I saw for real, with the simulator, and with some special software modifications I could keep track of my own data.  There would be a huge flat-screen monitor which could be twirled around the room to any position, just like the telescope.  I could also use the computer to record anything I saw, such as something interesting going on around me.  Also, this computer interface would be linked to government satellites, and I could view the universe using the Hubble telescope, or any location on the Earth in real-time.

My study would be connected to a private hallway, which I would use both for pacing, and thinking.  Along the walls of this hallway would be a series of electronic “displays”.  These electronic screens would display a series of images I fed into them, and would display current goals, as well as cycle through portraits of men I admire, and personally selected quotes of theirs, which I would use as food for thought.  Such men include Jesus, Gandhi, Bertrand Russell, John Locke, David Hume, David Ricardo, Adam Smith, Issac Newton, Thomas Jefferson, etc.  This hallway would be quite wide, and the floor would be tile, so that it would not wear out from my pacing.  In the center of the hallway floor would be the same logo crest found in the bathroom.

To a normal observer, this would be all there is to my home.  They would not know the giant science lab underneath even exists.  Outside of Mr. X, and a few hand-selected individuals, this lab is a complete secret.  To access the lab, a combination code must be entered into a hidden keypad and then an area opens up through the floor.  There a spiral staircase heads down a ways into the lab.

Once entered, the laboratory would have multiple levels.  Initially the main area of the lab would be geared toward quantum mechanics and the nature of matter.  Later, further research may lead to a biology laboratory, where I would do research on elongating human life, curing disease, and the evolutionary origins of life.  Ordered equipment would be brought in privately via helicopter by Mr. X.  I would have no financial limitations, and would purchase whatever research materials and equipment necessary to do whatever research I wanted.

I would have contact with all the world’s major scientific organizations, laboratories, and universities, but they would know me under an alias, and know nothing more.  They’d never see my face.  I would never appear to these people in person, mainly communicating to them through email correspondence, and I would have some sort of method of sending this correspondence without possibly being tracked.  Select  research papers would be distributed through these scientific organizations.

[ Note to those reading:  You may be wondering why I wish my identity to be a secret.  This is so I can research whatever I want to, and not worry about the ignorant masses getting angry about me researching “forbidden” things.  I want to be able to walk down the sidewalk of New York City, and be left in peace.  Nobody must know who I am, or what I do. I see no value in fame, unless my alias receives fame, which helps me to get access to use various governemnt technology.  Either way, nobody ever sees my face, or knows my name. ]

If my research led to a product which seemed commercially feasible, I would try to make what money I could off of it, keeping my corporate structures and ownership a secret (using complicated corporate structures, trusts, etc), and making what money I could.  This money would be used to buy equipment, and excess money would be given to orphanages and college scholarships.

I would have a romantic relationship with a woman, but it wouldn’t be your typical relationship.  She’d never live with me.  We’d rarely see one another, but would love one another.  She’d be a successful, distinguished professional in some field, and be very intelligent.  I’d meet with her once every month or two, for a week or so.  Sometimes we’d meet up for various shorter get togethers, but it’d average out to about a week every two months.  (~1/8th of my time)  We’d have various romantic rendezvous, meeting up all over the world, a different place each time.  She’d meet up with me in a location I disclosed a few weeks prior through some sort of communication.  She would receive strange packages in the mail with an exotic gift each time, each containing a note where to meet me the next time.  If she didn’t make much money at her job, the packages would contain all she needed to meet up with me, such as tickets, money, etc.

A typical sort of meeting would consist of me awaiting her at a table on an ocean cruise in the restaurant late in the evening, dressed in an expensive suit, and I would dance with her all night, then take her to my room and make love to her.  Every time I met up with her it’d be something very nice or unusual.  She may find me in Africa, and I’d await her on the back of an elephant, or dressed up in scuba gear ready to dive into a coral reef.  We may meet at the top of the Empire State Building, the St. Louis Arch, or a teepee of some Indian reservation.  It’d always be well planned out, fun, and thoughtful.

She would be a professional who loves her job too, but doesn’t have the time, nor really wants the typical sort of relationship most people have.  This allows us both to travel around the world, but not have to do it alone, and makes it fun and interesting at the same time.

This woman would be involved in some form of work I find very interesting, but do not actually do myself.  She may be a historian, an archeologist, a paleontologist, a lawyer, or some other form of interesting work.  She’d have a passion for what she does, and talk about it frequently during our travels together.  In fact, she’d be very busy with it, and time with me would be her escape which she greatly looks forward to.

If our meetings were in a city Mr. X would act as our valet, and drive us to and from locations.  Depending on the situation, Mr. X would always make the proper preparations.

Though I’m a bit timid trying to attempt to describe the “ideally beautiful and attractive” woman, I suppose I’ll go with something I know I’ve found attractive in women: she would be small with a beautiful face.  She’d be a strong-willed woman, with an intelligent look on her face.  She’d be tolerant of others, yet at the same time open to discuss things, even if the discussion sometimes went toward the negative side of things.  She’d be a kind person, and especially loving toward me, yet also very argumentative.  If she disagreed with me on things, she’d have good reasons for doing so, and sometimes set me in line, if I needed set back in line, and was incorrect in my views.  She’d love to talk about life’s difficult questions, and would have interesting and insightful things to say.  She’d be very loyal to me, and not even consider anyone else other than me, and I’d do the same for her.

Religiously she’d be either an agnostic, or athiest, and have very well founded reasons for this.  She’d be a humanitarian, and be very empirical and scientific in her views toward knowledge.  Her humor would be of the intelligent type, by making subtle witty remarks.  She’d never gossip, as she’d always have better things to talk about.  Her conversation would always be interesting, and never random.  Her personality would be closer to serious, and not goofy at all, though at times she’d be playful. She’d be very goal oriented, and her conversations would always be proactive, and not reactive.  She’d always talk about things she’s going to do, and things she’s working on, instead of talking about random events that happened to her.

We’d go for long walks, talking the entire time, confiding all our feelings to one another, and encouraging each other.

Outside of what I’ve written here, I can’t imagine a better life.

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  1. omg. I thought I wrote this. I didn’t think anyone else would want a hermit life! I love this so much! hahahahaha And the perfect wife….that’s the perfect husband! Love it all!

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