Peace Of Mind – Part II: Growth From Evil

In my past entry on ‘Peace Of Mind’, I mentioned that various frames of mind exist exist which can view evils as opportunities to grow, and leave you in times of great trouble with peace of mind.

I received a comment asking how this was so.  I will now explain how this works.

This is a rather crazy question, when you think about it.  How could the evil in this world possibly be peaceful?  It’s oftentimes said to, “Think on good things”, and most people, if they leave their minds to dwell on evil things around them, they get depressed.  Most people think peace of mind is found by only thinking on blissful thoughts of having everything we could ever want, that we’re loved by someone with undying devotion, and so on.  People who get into things like “mental cleansing” and NLP tell you to sit still and imagine yourself in this void, completely immersed in love.

I myself have a pretty strong peace of mind, and I never do this.  I tried it, but it never worked.  I don’t think beauty is ever found in lies.  If nobody loves you, nobody loves you.  If your dream-girl rejects your offer, she rejected your offer.  If millions are being killed in Darfur, millions are being killed in Darfur.  Any worthwhile philosophy acknowledges truth as supreme, and does not create fictions in the imagination due to facts we find difficult.

I think the value of a philosophy is not how it deals with “good times”.  Any business man can step in and run a company which is already successful, with everything already in place.  That’s not valuable.  True value is when things are in turmoil around you, and you are left unaffected, and blaze through them to victory.  This is what Jesus taught in scriptures.  He compared his philospohy to a house built on a rock.  The storms of life came, and beat upon that house, but it did not affect it.  Those with other philosophies than his, their houses crumbled under the pressure.  He also said, “My yoke is light.”  In other words, his philosophy takes weight off of you mentally, not on you.  You won’t drag the junk of life around with you, like an ox has to when it ploughs a field, feeling the terrible resistance of the ground and the plow. I’ve tried to model my own thought life on the main principles he taught.

Naturally this is an issue. Evil is simply evil, and we flee from things we do not like, or at least confront them wishing for the confortation to be as short as possible.  But to keep things simple in this entry, let us define “evil” as seeing the world around us in a state we are not completely pleased with.  We desire something in the world, and it is not that way currently.  In reality, sometimes this is a good thing, as the things we desire are not truly good for us.  But our emotional life, which is what we’re speaking of, does not always know the ultimate consequences of our actions.  If we do not get what we think we want, we’re oftentimes left with anxiety and depression.

My own solution to this problem did not come easily, and came from a rather strange perspective.  Well, it was strange at the time, yet nowadays I do not think it is so strange.  After all, what is strange is simply that of which we are not yet well acquainted.  Objectively speaking, nothing is “strange”.

I began to inquire what “free-will” was.  I had the hardest time figuring out such a question.  To hear my inquiry into the subject, see my journal entry on free-will.  Eventually I came to the conclusion that free-will, which is what we are as human beings which are alive, depends on evil for its own existence.

How could this be so? For us to utilize our own free-wills, that strange divine spark which makes us truly alive, we have to perceive something in the world that is in a state we are not truly pleased with.  There has to be something we wish to change.  If everything was perfect, we would have nothing to do.  We would simply stay and exist in some static state.

Now peace of mind, to me, is a human invention.  We have various chemicals in our brains and body which bounce around, due to all kinds of circumstances.  Some states of these chemicals bouncing around we find pleasing, others we do not.  I do not doubt that if mankind finally, one day, finds the perfect drug, which balances out all his chemicals, he will find perfect peace of mind.  No doubt, he will also quit growing, because of this false contentment.  Sometimes I wonder if anti-depressants are simply the precusors to such perfect drugs.  It’s a difficult debate, but they’re all too common thrown at people to numb their minds.

If you are sitting down in a chair, and you have no reason to get up, you will stay sitting there.  If it wasn’t for hunger, blood circulation, etc., giving you discomfort telling you to get up and move around and get some food, you would stay sitting that chair.  The same applies to most all other actions we do.

I don’t think mankind, intrinsic to our almost “divine” nature, in the realm of pure perception, cares anything about growth.  Nature is what demands growth from us, and over time our bodies have evolved like the things of the world around us.  We have a set nature which tells us to grow, or die, but gives no other choice.

I don’t think mankind intrinscially cares to explore the universe.  If the universe around us was a giant trash-dump, filled with horrors, I don’t see any reason why we’d care what else is out there.  We only look to the heavens and the stars because we wonder if there is a world much greater than our own.  One with peace and tranquility.  One without the struggles. One with love. People only strive for better lives, not worse ones.  If a person gives up on all hope for a better life, they commit suicide.  I’ve never heard crowds of people cheer at a political rally over “life is going to get worse”, they always try to inspire hope for a better tomorrow.

Mankind is forced around by nature, like a cow and a cattle-prod.  If we align ourselves with the ebb and flow of the universe, we feel good.  But if we try to go any other way, we are either destroyed (if we deviate too far), or cast into depression and pain.

You can try to tell yourself, “I don’t want to eat anymore.  I don’t like how these foods taste, and find eating to be a waste of time.”  You’re free to try that for a while.  A day or so later, as your stomach is growling, your head starts hurting, your body begins to get weak and stop functioning, you eventually give in and say, “Ok, ok, I’ll eat.”

I’ve tried in the past to resist relationships with women.  I’m a young man, and feelings and emotions work like any other.  I get sexual urges, wishing to find some attractive female, and relieve my tension.  You can resist it, but pressure is put on you for deviating off the “intended” course.  (Whose intentions are being thwarted?  Good question.  Hopefully we’ll answer that question by the end.)

I think it’s near impossible for mankind to get out of this cycle.  Hormones cause men to feel that the love between a man and a woman is some beautiful and blissful thing.  Our minds rationalize a chemical impulse, and call it beautiful, simply because it feels good.  There’s so many anthropmorphized conceptions of the beautiful and the sublime.

Oftentimes an area of heavy-wooded forest is destroyed and new homes and buildings are built there.  We call it progress.  Our leaders rise to the podium and tell us how good of a job we’ve done, and how we need to build more such homes, and continue to progress.  But is this really progress, from a truly intellectual standpoint?  Tell that to the animals, insects, and other life which used to live there.  To them, it’s mass genocide and terrorism.  Their social culture and way of life was totally destroyed.  We’re their greastest threat.

The same may apply one day to an alien race who conquers the Earth.  They run out of room in their own solar system, and come to find a new place they can dwell.  Their intelligence greatly succeeds our own, and they come and do to us what we do to animals.  They find us to be tasty to eat, so they grow us in cages, and create chemical hormones to be fed to us, to make us grow bigger and fatter, and quicker.  Obviously we’d be miserable in such circumstances, but if their body is wired in such a way to find this pleasureable, that’s just how it’d go.

Now naturally, the cattle-prods are viewed with disdain.  In themselves, we feel they are worthless.  We hate them.  When I was rejected by my dream-girl the other day, who could ever imagine such a thing as blissful and wonderful?

Well, I do not think I am my body.  The body may create feelings, emotions, and even think, but I do not think I am my body.  If you are to chop off my limbs one by one, as long as I do not lose enough blood, and keep my vital organs, I will survive in this state.  My hands, arms, and legs will rot into dirt once again, and return to the Earth, but I will remain.  I don’t believe I am thought either, because as John Locke argued, he did not sit around thinking all the time, and sometimes sat idle, yet he felt convinced he continued to exist even between these intermittent periods.  I think so too.

Studying psychoanalysis has made me wonder a lot about thought.  It seems more a biological process than something which takes place in some divine part of the “soul”.  Some people lose control of their thoughts.  Some painful event happens to us, and sometimes we have trouble getting our thoughts off of the subject.

This may be just metaphysical spectulation, but I think we are some form of existence which exists in another dimension, and we have a very limited amount of power of influence in this world.  I think we can create very minor energy dispersions in the area of our brains, and possibly elsehwere, and as for the rest of locomotion, thought, etc., is simply chain reactions of various energy influxes we interject into this dimension – the dimension that we see, hear, feel, taste, and smell.  We are trying, using very very limited energy infusions, to change this world into some state we find satisfactory.  Upon death, I believe we disconnect from this dimension we’re in, and go back to our origin, wherever or whatever that may be.  Somehow we’ve ended up in this world, and I think it’s a journey to let us interact and meet one another, and love one another, and teach us that we can rise above any circumstance that comes against us.

This frame of mind makes me wonder about death, instead of fear it.  I don’t jump at the idea of dying, because I do not neccessarily know if things are better there, than they are here.  Then again, I don’t fear it either, because there’s a part of me that wonders just what might be “beyond the door”.  As Eric Clapton sang in his song, “Tears in Heaven”, “Beyond the door, there’s peace and I’m sure, and I know there’ll be no more… Tears in heaven.”  I somehow think, though I suppose it’s more so faith than reason, that things are going to be ok in the end, and we’ll figure it all out eventually.  Though that doesn’t stop me from wanting answers now.

I think it is literally impossible to master this reality.  I think using this minor energy infusions into the world, we can control greater and greater forces of nature, but I think this universe and dimension we’re in right now is infinitely complex.  We make one scientific discovery, only to find its solution leads to ten more problems of even greater difficulty.  Reality gives infinite resistance, yet also gives us a way to master its resistance and powers using our own minimal energy from the other dimension.  Free-will is our minor energy, and we use these insurgences to control greater and greater forces with knowledge, which allows us to explore more and more, and shape this world how we like it.

Do animals have this same life force we have, from the other dimension?  Possibly, but then again, maybe not.  I don’t see any reason to say they do not.  Then again, when an animal dies, who is to say that this “force” from the other dimension cannot attach itself to a new body, and start controlling it as well?  A sort of re-incarnation?  I don’t know.  This sort of influx of energy from another dimension philosophy seems to lead to reincarnation.  I suppose I should give my reasons why I entertain such an idea at times.

Beforehand it must be said that who knows whether I’ll even remotely hold these views 20~30 years from now with more research and study, or new breakthroughs in discovery.  I cannot say.  I’m simply trying to figure it out, that’s all.  I try to keep an open-mind, and examine different possibilities with respect to the evidence.  I know nothing about this alternate dimension I’m speculating about, or whether it even exists.  It’s just my own way of trying to find out the problems of quantum physics, and free-will.  Here’s the strange phenemenon that makes me wonder about it all. When we bless a jug of water, it modifies its structure and composition.  There is a Japanese scientist who discovered this, and made it sound like it’s not a spatial concept.  You can pray and wish well for the water-jug from anywhere, and it will affect it and change its water structure.  Water we curse, when frozen and examined under a microscope freezes into chaotic crystals, but those we bless freezes into beautiful crystals in alignment and symetry.  He had Buddhist monks, and all kinds of religious people bless various water samples, both by touching them, and by praying from a distance, and also had other water samples cursed.  When forzen and examined, you could see the differences just mentioned.

Now why does this work?  Let’s examine another possible case, probably of the same phenemenon in action.  Miracles of healing, and even deliverances and setting free from addictions that take place during mega church services and crusades.

I’ve been entertaining the idea that healing and miracles which take place utilize these same energy forces.  People oftentimes account the most miracles and healings during big crusades with thousands of people.  The leader of the event tells everyone to focus their thoughts and minds on healing the sick man up front, and it seems all of these people’s energy power, when combined, can heal a person of any disease.  Since a man is 90+% water, it does not seem unreasonable to hold such a view.

Greg and I plan to do research into this area once we get enough money from various business ventures, and try to study these same kinds of energy forces in more depth.  It’s really the whole reason I’m studying physics and mathematics.  Obviously the lab will be expensive to build, needing probably millions of dollars worth of equipment and resources, and teams of scientists.  Hence, the only reason I spend so much time doing business, and why I’m not satisified even though I may make large sums of money here and there with my own projects.

I plan to study things like wireless electricity (Tesla), chakras and auras, brain wave patterns, alternative healing machines, at least as a starting basis, combined with the findings from quantum physics, and just see where it all goes from there.  Any sort of wireless transmission of energy, and possible changes in reality based on thought.

It seems to me this energy from the alternate dimension we exist in imposes order or destruction, depending on our decrees.  We seem almost as if we are minor versions of God, but are not omnipotent.  We are finite versions of the same concept.

If we could figure the pattern of the minor energy influxes that combine during these big mega-crusades, we could create a machine which could heal any sickness and disease.  Perfect health for all.  There’s all kinds of possibilties in this research, not to mention figuring out more as to “who we really are”, and what we’re capable of.  People are healed during these events, no doubt about it.  It’s one of those under studied areas.  It’s always been strange phenmenon like these which led to great discoveries.  Rubbing wool together and seeing these weird sparks led to all researches in electricity, and seeing weird properties of various rocks and attractions to metals led to magnetism (properties of the “loadstone”), which eventually combined together and led to our complete modern view of all matter and the universe.  Just remember that next time you read a book by Dr. Hawking on the universe.  It all started with wool sparks, and some minor “pull” from rocks. These forces they were dealing with initially were minor.  It was hard to get that wool to make any sort of serious spark.  Today they can make hydrogen bombs.  It’s possible we’ll find same thing with the forces behind these miracles.  They are hard to reproduce, but they do happen.  I think with more research, these findings may be very immensely powerful, and possibly solutions to the problems of quantum physics.  Even if it doesn’t turn out to find out anything practically useful, it’s still fascinating, and will surely help lead us to where we need to go.

In order to have a good idea, you have to have a lot of them.  You form theories and test.  This is only a theory, to be confirmed or disproved via testing.  I’m not saying whether it’s true, or whether it’s not true. I simply do not know, and wish to figure out.  I cannot think of any other way to start such a research project.  You have to start somewhere, with some initial things you’re looking for.

Now to speak of the cattle-prod, mentioned earlier, we inferred it seems to lead us to progress.  “Progress” is difficult to define.  I suppose it’d combine peace of mind, with control over the forces of nature.  Some sort of blissful peaceful growth, like an oak tree near a spring, unmoveable, with deep roots which find sources of life from way down deep in a world almost unseen by the naked eye.  I think those who value knowledge above all else find such peace of mind, as they lose themselves in their research, because energy is being usefully and properly utilized.  “Greater is the powers within us, than that in the world.”  Very true, but only because our minor powers somehow take control of the greater powers around us, with free-will combined with knowledge.

I think all modern research points to the fact that greater laws exist than ourselves.  If we focus on ourselves, we make ourselves weak. We are more powerful, and even more happy, when we learn to align ourselves with these greater forces – like a surfer riding on top of a giant ocean wave.  Worry about petty things like romantic love, and finding some “fulfilling” career, and what not, are all the old ways, back when self was the greatest thing a man could conceive.  If you find a lover in life, then that’s fine, but I’d say it’s petty in the big scheme of things.

Sitting around thinking about yourself all day is like lying miserable in some shallow kiddy-pool.  You think, “I wish life was deeper.  I wish there was more to life.”  Of course, why are you lying in the kiddy-pool of self?  Lose yourself in studies of the world around you, and you’ll see there’s oceans so deep it’s hard to say if they even have a bottom.  Our bodies are already wired to tell us, “No, forget about yourself.  Look around you, and see what’s going on!  Tap into these powers and explore!”  The world is calling us toward greater things than ourselves, and wants us to immerse ourselves in this greater, higher dimension.  Focus on yourself, and you do not grow.  You sit idle, bored, and miserable.

We have such misery today because we do not align ourselves to the higher laws of power.  We fight over trying to control things.  We all want possessions and toys, and seek sensual pleasure.  We try to glorify ourselves.

I sometimes like to watch older movies, simply because most of them are better done.  Take Silence of the Lambs, with Jodie Foster.  Remember the scene where she’s busting into that insane man’s house, and he kills the power.  Remember how scared she was?  That was well done. People actually have fears and are realistic.  Today’s movies, everyone’s a “bad-ass”, with some “attitude”.  It’s always showing close-ups of their faces, explosions blowing up behind them in slow-motion, and epic music as they walk down the side-walk.  Some building blows up behind them, as they slowly walk away, not even turning back to see the danger, and they slowly pull off their sun-glasses.  I watch that and think, “How cheesy.  Those forces of nature are so much greater than you are.  One little piece of debree or rock could come flying from that explosion and kill you instantly.”  But oh no, he’s so great and powerful, there’s no real danger going on.  It’s not even worthy of him looking back behind him and running away.  This is a case where people think only of themselves, and glorify themselves continually, dreaming they are greater than the world around them.  It’s harmful to think this way, and leads to unhappiness.

Though I’m a bit hesitant to say this, I believe that people do this not because they actually feel powerful, but because of the opposite, they themselves are weak, and dream of one day being powerful.  Those with the lowest self-confidence, and feel the most powerless, love super-heroes the most.  Super-heroes are fine, but to daydream is bad.  Become the super-hero, don’t daydream about it continually.

It’s a sign of low self-worth, insecurity, and a general feeling of powerlessness that people love box-office movies like “Hancock”, and “Fantastic 4”.  I was asked by a young man to accompany him to a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  I can remember their ship was being fired on by cannon fire, in the middle of a typhoon, being sucked under by a whirl-pool, and they just danced around all jolly, sword-fighting, kissing the girls, and even had a marriage ceremony on the ship during all of this (while sword-fighting, mind you).  They have such self-inflated egos that they are so much greater than nature around them.  No respect for it at all.  It’s all about them.  Complete immersion in self, and self-glory.  Not only is it unrealistic, badly written, and absent any sort of real emotion or human dynamic, it is just a big thrill ride of a powerless geneartion’s insecurities, hoping all the special effects will stir up their emotions, though with every movie, they feel the law of diminishing returns in action.  Every movie needs more action, and more special effects.  More more more!  That’s what you get with the self.  Always need more to stimulate you, and it only gets worse.  Lose yourself in studies of the world, and you will need less and less to occupy yourself, as you’ll see infinite depth in simple things.  Watch an action thriller and you’ll be bored wondering what to do after it ends.  Watch a series of lectures on quantum physics, and you’ll be perplexed and wondering about it for years afterwards.

I think most of the cattle-prodding we feel is when we focus on the self.  Our body has evolved over time to not reward self-indulgence, because it is not valuable.  Those feelings of emptiness and depression people feel, as they focus their life inwardly, are there to tell us, “There’s nothing here to look at.  Turn your gaze back outwards.”

I think near all evil, at least in regard to human to human interaction, is caused by mankind’s self-immersion and glory of himself.  Elevation of ourselves in pride, thinking we’re so wonderful and perfect.  Pride is when we falsely think ourselves greater than what we really are, and there is a lot of pride in the world today.  It’s a sign of stupidity to think yourself great.  Even if you’re the greatest ruler of the entire Earth, and all us petty humans are subject to you, if you really understand the universe and the forces of nature, you’d see that you are nothing.  You’d see you’re a petty clown, bossing around some ants, and causing your own self-misery, and misery on them as well.

Take a look at this video, and you’ll see what I mean:

Some propaganda video made about Putin, leader of Russia.  It just keeps showing his face, him walking down in isle, people cheering and clapping, making important phone calls, signing important papers, a fly-by of his kingdom, and is all self-glory.  Beautiful women singing his praises.  Wisdom consists in dying to self, and talking about the issues.  The wisdom of Putin, if he has some, is not in himself, but if he aligns himself with truths and things greater than himself.  The power of a kingdom is not in its leader, but in well direction of its subjects, who deserve the glory.

As for natural causes of evil, I think if we would get our minds off of ourselves, we would find they are not so powerful, and knowledge would easily show us how to conquer them.  If we’d stop daydreaming, and find a general love and interest in the laws which govern the dynamics around us, we’d have no troubles conquering any obstacle present before us.  Reality is always happy to teach an open mind something new.

As for NLP, and thinking on “good things”, we see that we have another inward self-aborption.  Instead of focusing on the infinite reality around us, and growing, we keep our thoughts inward, and about ourselves, and what we think is beautiful.  I think if we’d open up a bit, we’d see that we have such limited conceptions of things, that we haven’t even begun to see beauty.  Reality wants to show us more, but we’re too busy being self-absorbed.

Just the other day I was watching a small water-fall in a creek.  Do you know physicists do not know how to deal with water as its falling, and how it clumps up into little balls?  They cannot predict how it will come together and lose its smooth continuity as its falls from the precipice.  If we knew this, Richard Feynman (a Nobel Prize Winning Physicist in Quantum Physics) thought we could also understand the entire formation of galaxies and star clusters.  There is extreme beauty and intricacy all around us, even in the simple things, if we’d only lose ourselves and see it.

As for avoiding thinking on the bad things, I think we need to rise above this altogether.  When we see a star implode, and sucking in everything around it in a black hole, we tend to get scared and think, “How awful.”  But nature does not care, and we see such a small picture in the big scope of things, we may find out that reality is on some really great journey.  Maybe we’re transported to another dimension upon death, and this reality is slowly burning out, because its being replaced by bigger and better things?  The alien engineers are pulling the plug.  They’re done with this project, as they’ve got all kinds of new greater works they want to build.  Maybe we’ll be involved in them?  Maybe God’s out there doing things we can’t even conceive?  I don’t know.  Maybe.  If we run from the black hole, we’ll never find out.  Knowledge of it, and the bigger picture will only come by studying the black hole.

We defined “evil” earlier as reality existing in a way in which we don’t always like.  In summary, our minds are so limited and finite, our ways are not typically worth impressing on the world.  That’s why reality doesn’t care what we think about things.  Imagine a cave man coming to a modern man telling him how to build a house.  We’d tell him he’s stupid.  The only difference between us nowadays compared to then is that we’ve submitted ourselves to knowledge and the ways of reality, more so than we did back then.  In the big picture, our ways are not any good, or worth much.  We of course, have to deny ourselves with an open mind, and instead let reality instruct us as to how we should live, instead of telling it what to do.  In the old days, people would not let others instruct them, as they knew everything about God, the Gods, what they wanted, what man’s purpose was, etc.  In hindsight, they only showed their own stupidity. Realize this fact, and you’ll instead keep an open mind about evils, and see that reality is trying to tell us our ways are no good, and that we need to grow.

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  1. This is interesting, I always love hearing about Tesla!

    My buddy actually works for a company called PowerBeam, and they actually transfer electricity via optical energy.

    Just like Tesla, they too can transfer energy over long-range distances… but its not quite the ‘Tesla Effect.’

    He mainly used radiowaves whereas PowerBeam use laser beams,a different frequency of energy.

    I’m not sure how different Tesla’s methods are withPowerBeam’s cuz I haven’t read books on Tesla, just internet info, but if you want more details on the PowerBeam you can visit their website at

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