How Guilt and Your Conscience Work

We’ve all experienced guilt. We do something we are ashamed of, and we feel guilty. But what brings about this shame? How does this emotion work?

I was raised in a devout Christian home, and grew up hearing about “godly sorrow”, sin, shame, and remorse, all from the perspective of Christianity. I was taught that inside of every man was a moral compass which pointed them in the “right” direction, and those who lose this sense of “right” and “wrong” have perverted their nature through sin. Later I came to find out that guilt doesn’t work this way at all.
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In Search of Free Will

Freedom is a complicated notion, and many people wonder if human beings have a ‘free will’ at all.  Is there any way to prove, rationally, that free will exists?  If so, what is it?

Many complicated problems arise.  A lot of the time, people find themselves unable to do what they want to do.  Take falling in love for instance.  Sometimes people fall in love with someone they don’t want to love.  Othertimes, they want to let go of someone, yet are unable to do so.  If people are “free”, then why can’t they love who they want to love?  Do people actually “choose” who they even love to begin with?

We can’t choose what kinds of food we like to eat.  We didn’t choose our favorite color.  We can’t choose what temperatures are comfortable to us, or not.  We can’t choose what styles of music we find appealing.  The list goes on.

Can a homosexual or a heterosexual choose their sexual orientation?  Can a bisexual choose to go straight?  Can a man love the body of an ugly woman?  Can an intelligent man admire the mind of a dumb woman?

Free will certainly is a mystery.  It most certainly is not as simple as people choosing what they want out of life, and pursuing that.
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Today’s Thoughts

I spent this morning wondering how I’d reply to someone if they were to ask me, “So Jason, you study all day long, and are always searching for answers.  In all these years of searching, what does it all boil down to?  What have you found?”

Naturally, if I’m to claim to always be thinking on what’s important, I should have a good answer, so this is my answer.
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Some Thoughts On Online Role-Playing Games

I’ve seen various articles in the news discussing a rather new issue in the history of mankind – video game addiction.  You hear about people who play video games for 8 or even 10 hours per day (basically every hour they’re not forced to work and do something else).  One of the most addicting types of games is the MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game).

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The Psychology Of American Music

Every time I get in the car, I randomly cycle through various radio stations to hear what kind of music they’re playing. This is my thoughts on the kinds of music I hear.

Most music I hear is the artist telling a story of sorts. Most songs which are popular paint a picture of either a way of life, something going on in the world, or a psychological state. These sorts of pictures typically reflect what the artist is either going through, or has gone through in the past, and as they perform their music, people relate to them through their music.

I cannot speak much for the music of other countries, but as for American music, I find many themes running through main-stream popular music. And by “pop” I simply mean any song that is heavily listened to by a large audience, not neccessarily any particular style. First I will enumerate and explain these various themes, and afterwards I will give some case-studies of very popular songs, and show these themes within them.
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